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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Guidelines for Submission of Children Education Allowance


1. CEA rate from Apr 17 to Jun 17 is Rs 1500/- PM (required to submit School fees receipt and bills).

2. CEA rate from Jul 17 to Mar 18 is Rs 2250/- PM (Fixed amount no need to submit receipts / bills).

3. For Hostel Subsidy the rate is Rs 6750/- PM w.e.f. 01 Jul 17.

4. CEA for Specially Abled Children is Rs 4500/- PM w.e.f. 01 Jul 17.

5. For claiming CEA submit a certificate issued by Head of Institution / School.

6. For Hostel Subsidy similar certificate required with additional information about expenditure towards boarding and lodging in the residential complex.

7. Re-imbursement of CEA forms are given below.

7th CPC Children Education Allowance: Self Declaration


I Service No. _________Rank_______________ Name ________________________ of Unit ICGS Samarth do hereby certify that my Son / Daughter namely __________________________ Studied in Class _____ Sec ____________ Roll No. ____________________ during Previous Academic Year 2017-2018 in
______________________________________________________________ School.
In the event of any change in the particulars given above which affect my eligibility for Children Education Allowance. I undertake to intimate the same promptly and refund excess payment, if any made to me.
Signature of Govt Servant
Name: _____________________
Rank: _____________________
P.No. _____________________
Place: ______________
Date: ______________

7th CPC CEA: Certificate from the Head of Institution / School – Format

Authority vide Government of India Ministry of Personal P.G and Department of Personal &Training New Delhi

Order No. A-27102/02/2017-Estt. (AL) 16 August 2017
(This order shall be effective from 01 Jul 2017)

Ref No……………… Date:………………….
It is certified that Master/ Kumari ______________________ having Admission No___________D.O.B____________ Son / Daughter of Mr /Mrs. ________________________
was studying in Class __________ Sec ______ Roll No._____________ during the Previous Academic Year from 2017 to 2018 School / Institution, namely _______________________________________________ vide affiliation Regd No. / Code _______________________________ and pattern ___________________ Curriculum.
Place: ________________
Date:- ________________
Signature of principal
(Affix School Stamp)

7th CPC CEA – Proforma for Re-Imbursement


I hereby apply for the reimbursement of Children Education Allowance / Hostel Subsidy for my child / children and relevant particulars are furnished below:-

Re-imbursement of Expenditure :-

9. Distance of Hostel of child from residence of employee (in case Hostel Subsidy): NA
10. Amount of CEA / Hostel Subsidy already received up to previous quarter: NIL
11. The Academic year for which CEA / Hostel Subsidy is applied now: 2017-18
12. (a) Whether the child for whom the CEA is applied for is a disabled child : Yes / No
(b) If yes, indicate the nature of disability:
(c) Date of disability certificate:
(d) Indicate the percentage of disability:
13. Whether the Bonafide certificate from Head of Institution has been attached : Yes / No
14. For Hostel Subsidy, the Bonafide certificate from mentioning the amount is attached: NA
15. If Yes at Item No. 14, Amount claimed for Hostel Subsidy: Rs___NA___
16. (a) Certified that I or my wife / husband is / is not a Central Government servant.
(b) Certified that my wife / husband Sri / Smt …………………………………….. is presently working as:…………………………………. in ………………………………………………. and that he / she shall not apply / has not applied for the Children Education Allowance for the child/children mentioned above.
(c) Certified that I or my wife / husband has not claimed this re-imbursement from anyother source and will not claim the same in future.
17. Certified that my child in respect of whom re-imbursement of Children Education Allowance is applied is studying in the School / Jr. College which is recognized and affiliated to Board of Education / University.
18. Certified that I am claiming the CEA in respect of my two eldest surviving children only, The information furnished above are complete and correct and I have not suppressed any relevant information. In the event of any change in the particulars given above which affect my eligibility for reimbursement of Children Education Allowance, I undertake to intimate the same promptly and also to refund excess payments if any made. Further, I am aware that if at any stage the information / documents furnished above is found to be false, I am liable for
disciplinary action.
Date: Apr 18
Place: Goa
(Signature of Govt Servant)
Name: ………………………………………..
Rank : ………………………………………..
P.No.: ……………………………………….
ICGS Samarth
Goa – 403 803
Date: Apr 18

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Scrapping of New Pension Scheme

Representations have been received regarding the implementation of National Pension System (NPS) which, inter alia, include demand that NPS may be scrapped and the Government may re-introduce old defined benefit pension system.

Government has made a conscious move to shift from the defined benefit pay-as-you-go pension scheme to defined contribution pension scheme, now called as National Pension System (NPS), after considering the rising and unsustainable pension bill. The transition also has the added benefit of freeing the limited resources of the Government for more productive and socio-economic sectoral development.

There is no proposal to replace the NPS with old pension scheme in respect of Central Government employees recruited on or after 01.01.2004.

(e): National Pension System (NPS) had been designed giving utmost importance to the welfare of the subscribers. There are a number of benefits available to the employees under NPS. Some of the benefits are enlisted below:

• NPS is a well designed pension system managed through an unbundled architecture involving intermediaries appointed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) viz. pension funds, custodian, central record keeping and accounting agency, National Pension System Trust, trustee bank, points of presence and Annuity service providers. It is prudently regulated by PFRDA which is a statutory regulatory body established to promote old age income security and to protect the interest of subscribers of NPS.

• Dual benefits of Low Cost and Power of Compounding- The pension wealth which accumulates over a period of time till retirement grows with a compounding effect. The all-in-costs of the institutional architecture of NPS are among the lowest in the world.

• Tax Benefits- Contribution made to the NPS Tier-I account is eligible for tax deduction under the Income Tax Act, 1961. An additional tax rebate of Rs.50000 is also allowed for contributions made to NPS Tier-I under Section 80CCD (IB) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

• Transparency and Portability is ensured through online access of the pension account by the NPS subscribers, across all geographical locations and portability of employments.

• Partial withdrawal- Subscribers can withdraw up to 25% of their own contributions before attaining age of superannuation, subject to certain conditions.

The amount of monthly annuity payable to a Government servant on exit from NPS depends upon various factors such as accumulated pension wealth of the Government servant, portion of accumulated pension wealth utilized for the purchase of annuity and the type of annuity purchased.

Under the defined benefit pension system applicable to Government servants appointed before 01.01.2004, pension is calculated based on qualifying service and the last pay drawn by the Government servant.
Authority: Lok Sabha