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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

#Remembering Our Beloved Leader….On his 22nd Death Anniversary…..

#October 5

 P & T is one of the biggest service Department and plays a vital role in the socio-economic life of the community. Its legislature base dates back to 1898 when the Indian Post Office Act was passed.

The P & T Trade Union movement is equally one of the oldest Trade Unions in the country with over 90 years history (formed in 1906).The movement in several names like All India Postal & RMS Union, All India Telegraph men Union, etc., came under UPTW(Union of P & T Workers)on 13.08.1947. Later NFPTE was born on 24.11.1954.

The genuine Trade Unionists who reposed undiluted faith and believed passionately in the ideals of a free and Independent Trade union democracy formed progressive Democratic Front on 07.012.1964 under the leadership of Shri K.Ramamurthi with a determination to install a free and democratic Trade Union movement in P&T.

The National Union formed under the leadership of Sri K.Ramamurthi were recognized by the Government on 10.10.1968. The Federation of National P&T Organisations with National Unions recognized in October 1968 and AITTMEU and others recognized on 21.9.1968, was formed on 31.10.1969.

Sri Ch.Raghbir Singh, was elected as President and Sri K.Ramamurthi as Secretary-General. The FNPTO was recognized on 31.1.1970. The FNPTO was affiliated to PTTI on 1.5.1973.
Consequent on the bifurcation of the Department, the FNPTO was bifurcated into FNPO & FNTO from 18.3.1986. Sri K.Ramamurthi and Sri R.Venkataraman were elected as Secretary General respectively.

K Ramamurthy the founder of the National Unions movement in the P &T department. He served the trade Union movement in various capacities till his deah on 15-10-1995, his vision, his objectives and his ideologies on functioning of the national Unions are being carried out by thousands of his followers….