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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
EHS Section
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 5th January, 2017

Subject: Revision of rates of subscription under Central Government Health Scheme due to revision of pay and allowances of Central Government employees and revision of pension/ family pension on account of implementation of recommendation of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.

            The undersigned is directed to refer to this Ministry’s ‘OM No. S.11011/11/2016-CGHS(P) dated 20th Ma’y, 2009 vide which orders were issued revising the rates of monthly subscription for availing CGHS facility, as also the entitlement for free diet, entitlement of accommodation in private empanelled hospitals under CGHS, etc.

2.         Consequent upon revision of pay on the basis of the implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission, it has been decided to revise the rates of subscriptions, to be made by employees/ pensioners, for availing benefits under the CGHS, with effect from 1st January 2017. It has also been decided to revise the monetary ceiling limits for various entitlements of the beneficiaries for availing CGHS facilities.

3.         In supersession of all earlier instructions, the following revisions are being made, is so far as it relates to the facilities mentioned below:

            (A) Monthly Contributions for availing CGHS facility:

Level: 1 to 5    
Level: 6
Level: 7 to 11
Level: 12 & above

Indefinite delay in Publishing GDS Commission Report.Our letter to the Chairman Postal Board.

2)Circular 01/2017-1201/2017


All CWC Members,All Circle Secretaries of NUGDS.

3) Model covering letter to The Chief Post Master General

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

India Post to Start SBI Buddy Wallet Service in Post Offices

In order to move towards digitization of cash transactions at post offices for its Saving Bank Customers, Department of Posts (DoP) has approached the State Bank of India to provide customized services of State Bank Buddy wallet for branches of Post Offices. Cashiers/Postal Assistant at authorized Post Offices will accept two kinds of withdrawal forms from their Saving Bank customers. One for withdrawing cash and other for loading their Buddy wallet.

Draft of process flow is summarized below:

1. DoP would like to open wallets for their identified Post offices across India.

2. To begin with, DoP will start with 1000 Post Offices and then extend to larger no. of Post Offices. All these Post Offices will be provided with a smart phone, by the respective Divisional Heads/Chief Postmaster/Sr. Postmasters. These phones Will be the assets of the post Office concerned and Will be the deposited in the treasury at end of the day. At the beginning of the day the phone will be given to the SB Cashier handling the Buddy wallet.

3. State Bank Buddy wallet will be downloaded from Google play /Apple store and wallet account will be registered on these (Post Offices’ Official) Mobile Numbers.

4. Sansad Marg HO will be assigned as a nodal office for SBl buddy. DoP will share with SBl the list of mobile nos. to be used on Post Office counters. Against each mobile no. in the list, name & address of PO along with other details considered important for accounting and MIS.
5. SBI will prefund all 1000 post office e-wallet accounts with Rs.20,000 (each wallet to be topped up with Rs.20,000).

6. Cashiers/Postal Assistant at Post Offices will pay to their (PO) customers, through P2P facility (using “Send Money/Ask Money) against special withdrawal forms presented by the customers.

7. At 4.30 pm each day, Buddy Team at GITC will send MIS to NDMB (Sansad Marg) & Sansad Marg HO containing the amount consumed by each PO wallet during the day.

8. At the closure of Post Offices? customer dealing, 3:00 pm State Bank Buddy team will run a scheduled job and block all these wallets so that no further transactions can be made on that day.

9. Buddy team will generate Daily Transaction MIS of these wallets post office wise and share it with DoP

10. No PO wallet will be topped up during the day for increased requirement etc.

11. Buddy team will unblock these wallets in SOD (Start of Day) so that wallets will be operational for use.

1- Between Customer & Cashier/Postal Assistant

i. Customer should download buddy wallet from play store or apple store. Assistance may be required. The cashiers/Postal Assistant will be trained by SBI.
ii. Customer should use 'Ask Option" in Buddy giving mobile number of the Cashier.
iii. The statement of transactions on the wallet of the cashier can be made available by the Bank

At Post office
i. Debit SB account of customer
ii. Credit Wallet Account of customer

The individual PO will download the Buddy report, check it against the transactions made and will

(A) Either confirm that the report tallied with the transactions done in the post offices, to the nodal office.

Buddy Wallet team ( Sansad Marg HO will pay SBl Sansad Marg main branch at the end of the day as per demand raised by them. In the case of any dispute which is raised by post offices as per para B above, the adjustment would be made next day.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Certificate of re-marriage/marriage—reg.

No.1/1/2016-P&PW (E)/23913
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
19th December 2016


Sub: Certificate of re-marriage/marriage—reg.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Annexure XXVI of the Scheme Booklet of the O/o CGA, which is a proforma for Certificate of Re-marriage/Marriage. As per the Scheme Booklet, this certificate is to be submitted once every six months in May and November By widowers and unmarried daughters, This is required to be countersigned by ‘a responsible officer or a well-known person.

2. This department has received request from Pensioners Union of Railway Employees, Chennai. (copy enclosed) stating that the widows of the deceased ’employees are required to submit the certificate countersigned by a responsible officer or a well-known person. More often the widow, when approaches the show-called responsible officer/well-known person, are being harassed. They feel that the present stipulation of getting counter signature is not only unwarranted but also an affront to the womanhood in the context of atrocity against women rampant in the country. This is inconsistent with acceptance of certificates with self-attestation.

3. Therefore, the Union has requested to eliminate the provision of counter signature from others duly accepting self attested certificates.

4. This department has also received representations against provision for submission of these certificates every six months, which had been forwarded to the CPAO for further necessary action. as general references.

5. This department has already allowed submission of self-certificate for non-marriage and declaration of income vide OM dated 21st July, 1999, re-iterated vide OM dated 8th December, 2011 and 20th September, 2012 (copies available at ) Rule 54 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 has been amended to allow submission of marital and income certificates only once a year.

6. In view of the foregoing, Central Pension Accounting Office, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare and Ministry of Railways are requested to make suitable changes to their respective forms for the above certificate.

Under Secretary to the Government of India
Ph: 24644632