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Friday, November 18, 2016


NEW DELHI - 110001
No.PF-PJCA-12/2016                                                                               Dated-  17.11.2016

            The Secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,
            New Delhi-110 001

Sub:   Non-settlement of long pending demands.

            A meeting of PJCA comprising NFPE, FNPO, AIPEU-GDS & NUGDS was held at NFPE office North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi on 16th November, 2016 under the presidentship of Shri D. Theagarajan Secretary General FNPO. All General Secretaries of both the Federations participated in the meeting. After threadbare discussion the following resolution, programme of action and Charter of Demand was finalized.

            Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA), views with grave concern the totally negative attitude of the Central Government in settling the common demands of the Central Government employees including increase in minimum wage and fitment formula and other modifications sought for by the National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) and JCM (NC) staff side.
        This PJCA further notes that in the Postal department also due to the negative attitude of the Government and Postal administration long pending demands are remaining unsettled. None of the 7th CPC related demands of various cadres of Postal department are settled. Regularization of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of all benefits of regular employees on pro-rata basis is still pending. The New Pension Scheme (NPS) has created uncertainty among the employees recruited after 01.01.2004, about their pensionary benefits. Department has unilaterally issued orders for outsourcing booking and delivery of registered, speed post and express parcel post articles and engaging staff on each Sunday & holiday to deliver parcels of e-commerce companies . The task force committee recommendations are not yet dropped, no effective remedial measures are taken to streamline the functioning of CBS/CSI, revision of wages and payment of arrears of casual labourers from 01.01.2006 is still pending in many circles, more than 60000 vacancies in various cadres including promotional posts are remaining unfilled.  Now due to monetization Scheme more difficulties are being faced by the staff due to lack of proper infrastructure and engaging staff beyond duty hours. All the above issues are agitating the minds of the employees for a long time.
    The PJCA after reviewing the situation prevailing in the Postal department came to the unanimous conclusion that to settle the above issues, serious agitational programmes are to be launched. Accordingly the PJCA resolve to implement the following phased programme of action.


1.   December-7th-2016      -Mass Demonstration in front of all offices and submission of resolution and Charter of Demands to Minister(C) and Secretary          (Posts).).

2. Submission of Memorandum:           
                                                Submission of Memorandum to Minister by both Secretary                 Generals between 19th to 23 December, 2016 by meeting            personally..

3. PJCA Meeting                 23rd December, 2016 Evening (Further course of action will    be        decided.)


1.    Settle the demands of various cadres of Postal department relating to 7th CPC recommendations submitted to Secretary, Posts in memorandum dated 08.12.2015.

2.    Implement cadre restructuring in all remaining cadres in the Department of Posts and settle the residual issues arising at implementation stage. Finalize RRs in MMS Cadres. 

3.    Grant Civil Servant status to Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis.

4.    Revision of wages and payment of arrears from 01.01.2006 to all casual, part-time, contingent and daily-rated mazdoors and regularization of services.

5.    Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres including promotional posts  and GDS.

6.    Conduct membership verification of Gramin Dak Sevaks and declare the result of the verification already conducted among departmental employees during 2015.

7.    Revision of OTA & OSA and fixation of norms for CRC/Speed post and Parcel in RMS and FMC  for Postman Cadre .

8.    Settle problems arising out of implementation of CSI and CBS.

9.    Grant of upgraded 3050 pay scale to Postmen w.e.f. 1.1.1996 as per Supreme Court Judgment.

10.  Withdraw “Very Good” bench mark condition for MACP and future increments and holding of DPCs timely..

11.  Grant of S D.A. & HCA to the Assam & NE & remove discrimination.

12.  Problems arisen out of demonetization Scheme and grant remuneration and off for extra duty and provide proper infrastructure including Fake Currency detecting Machine and 

Counting Machines.

13.  Stop Sunday/Holiday working completely.

14.   Discussion on     Memorandum of AIPSBCOEA.

15.  Declaration of Result of LGO & other LDCEs in remaining Circles.

16.  Finalization of Recruitment Rules of AAO Cadre in Postal Accounts.

17.  Repairing and Maintenance of Departmental Buildings.

Yours faithfully
R. N. PARASHAR                                                                           D. THEAGARAJAN
Secretary General                                                                            Secretary General

      NFPE                                                                                                       FNPO

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Removal of State Wise Jurisdiction of Banks for disbursement of Central Government (Civil) Pensioners: Clarification regarding


No 1-1/WNOTES                                                                         Date 14-11-2016

  Sub:   Inadequate arrangements in changing the withdrawn notes in the post offices.            
     As directed by Government, all HOs and SOs are exchanging withdrawn old series currency notes w.e.f 10.11.16. As per orders, we have opened all Post Offices on 13.11.2016 (Sunday) and worked up to 2000 hours. Around 1700 hours on 13.11.2016, we have been directed to work on 14.11.2016 (Guru Nanak Jayanthi (Holiday) up to 2000 hours in the late hours of 13th and many officials do not know about change of already declared Holiday.

                                    For the work done by officials, no compensation is granted by administration. All banks are kept open up to their normal working hours, whereas our administration is directing us to work up to 2000 hours. Moreover GDS officials (Packers) of single handed offices are directed to work on the above two days .It is the work done by the Postal officials on behalf of Govt of India. The Bank officials are granted an amount two to three times of their one day basic for working on Sundays and holidays, and monetary compensation for working overtime. Circles as usual waiting for the orders of Directorate and just monitoring the situation without bothering to provide man power and infrastructure.

Since the GDS officials were also brought on duty, monetary compensation may kindly be granted to GDS officials in a uniform manner throughout the country.

                                    It is also intimated that SBI authorities are allowed half of 
the requirement of Post Offices. Ie, if a HPO is in need of 1 Core, SBI is giving 50 lakhs only that too in the afternoon only. On receipt of the amount from SBI, we have to remit the same to Sub Offices and the SOs are getting the amount around 1700 hours. Hence it is suggested that the exchange facility may be done by HOs and selected SOs excluding town SOs. Moreover all the Pos are working beyond working hours.

                                    It is also intimated that most of the town SOs are not provided with Fake note detector.  As huge volumes of currencies are deposited in PO SB accounts, we are unable to detect fake notes. Hence it is requested that immediate action may kindly be caused to be issued to all Divisional Head to procure and supply Fake Note Scanners to all offices, as the cost of a Fake Note Scanner is Rs5200/ within the financial powers of SP/SSP. Sufficient funds may kindly be caused to be allotted to all divisions.

               Further Sub Post masters are bringing the remittance to HO taking heavy risk .In fact about 30 lacs or so are being conveyed far in excess of the line limit. The head of the division are to be instructed to arrange closed vehicle conveyance with armed guards covering four or five offices in a segment.. The head of the division are simply pushing the onus of arranging the escorts to the SPMS. The local police are not responding to the request of SPMS. So the Chief PMG should use their good office with state level officers to depute escorts from reserve police force from HO and cash offices to accompany the vehicles hired for the purpose..

               Likewise fake notes that are collected undetected for want of gadgets and in the urge of attending to the limitless and restive crowds should be made replaced by the official at work. They working almost on the verge of exhaustion and fatigue..

              There is no provision in the software to control numerous exchanges. Based on Adhar. The same beneficiary is exchanging several times in one Post office and several Post offices. Tomorrow for the inability of the Department the officials should not be blamed for this and suitable arrangement may be made.

                                       An immediate action is requested
                                                                                       Yours Sincerely

                                                                                          ( D.Kishan Rao)