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Saturday, May 7, 2016


No.NUPE/PIV/CS/KC/2016                                                Date :  5th May, 2016

Shri T.N.Rahate
General Secretary
National Union of Postal Employees Postmen & MTS

Subject :  Indiscipline by certain Circle Office Bearers – regarding.


          It is reported that Shri Jamaluddin, Divisional Secretary, Ernakulum Division of our Union had called for the Divisional Conference on 24th April, 2016 along with all other allied FNPO Unions for disposal of agenda including election of office bearers for the year 2016-2018.  In the capacity of the Circle Secretary and as per the invitation for joint conference by Reception Committee, the undersigned attended the open session of the conference.  The Divisional Secretary was not present at the venue of the open session.

          During the open session and thereafter the Divisional Conference of P-IV Union continued after lunch break.  When the undersigned tried to involve in the Divisional Conference, the Divisional President along with Divisional Secretary had asked me for vacation of the conference room otherwise they will not conduct proceedings and also informed that they themselves will hand over office bearers list which should be approved by the undersigned.  For the sake of peaceful conference I left the conference room and till this time no intimation regarding the outcome of the conference has been received by the Circle Committee.  Only 17-18 ordinary members were present in the conference out of more than 125 members of the Division.

          Of late, it has come to understand that Shri Jamaluddin, Divisional Secretary along with Shri Mohanachandran (Retired PA), who always tried to involve in the affairs of our Union at various stages in the past and destroyed the image and unity of our Union, attended the conference of GDS Union of Shri Mahadevaiah at Palakkad in the morning hours and returned to Ernakulum to the afternoon session.  Shri K.V.Devan, President of the Circle Committee has also addressed that conference as per the Newspaper Report which is enclosed herewith for perusal.

                   The activity of ShriK.V.Devan, Circle President and ShriJamaluddin, Divisional Secretary of the Ernakulam Division as per the advice of ShriMohanachandran are total indiscipline and unwarranted. Actually they should show the integrity towards our affiliated Union keeping aside all differences within the leaders of our Union and sister Unions and act as a role model for the rank and file.  Since the leading Newspapers have published the report of conference of our opponent GDS Union, the letter and spirit of the call made by the Secretary General and both the General Secretaries of the P-III & P-IV union have been defeated and tarnished the image of our NUGDS.  The participation of a responsible office bearer of our Union in the opponent GDS Union of Mahadevaiah have been viewed seriously by our individual members and they are pressing hard for necessary disciplinary action against these individuals.  The physical presence of these individuals in the propagation for enrolling the membership during the present verification process, may be because of personal enmity with any of the office bearers of NUGDS but this is not the right time to show the indifferences within our rank and file by the Circle responsible office bearers which may lead to defection from NUGDS.  Every Division except Ernakulam and Palakkad are working together without any difference for enrolling membership to NUGDS and also working for the success of the ensuing joint Circle Conference of FNPO at Calicut from 21-23rd May, 2016.  

After the last conference under the guidance and supervision of Shri K.Sivadasan, General Secretary our union affairs was going very peacefully, but under the mastermind of Shri Mohanachandran,ShriK.V.Devan and Shri Jamaluddin have been trying to divide in groups within our rank and file which is unwarranted and cannot be pardoned. 

In view of the above, necessary action may be initiated against Shri K.V.Devan, President of Circle Union to desist from such activities which would be helpful for our opponent Unions and laugh on us for non-action for in-disciplinary activities by the responsible leaders.   

                    With kind regards,

Yours faithfully,

Encl: Newspaper Cuttings & translation

Copy for information to:

1.   The Secretary General, FNPO, T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
2.   The General Secretary, NUGDS, Manjeri
3.   The Convenor, FNPO, Kerala Circle, Trichur



Wednesday, May 4, 2016

National Council Staff Side Secretary writes to Cabinet Secretary on 7th Pay Commission 

National Council (Staff Side)
Joint Consultative Machinery
Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi – 110001
E Mail :

No.NC/JCM/2016                                      Dated: May 2, 2016

The Cabinet Secretary,
Cabinet Secretariat,
(Government of India),
Rashtrapathi Bhavan,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Recommendations of the VII CPC
We have submitted a rejoiner on the report of VII CPC, seeking bilateral settlement on the issues related to VII CPC.

You are gracious enough to convene a meeting on 1st March, 2016, wherein members of the Staff Side, National Council(JCM) and Empowered Committee of Secretaries participated. Subsequently, another truncated meeting was held on 30th March, 2016. In both the meetings Official Side heard our views, but no reaction of the Official Side was expressed except general remarks.

I have been directed to draw your kind attention towards minutes of the Standing Committee of National Council(JCM) held on 7th May, 2008 and our rejoiner submitted to government in the matter of report of VI CPC.

You will kindly find that, it was not only a general discussion, but also Official Side explained their views on each and every issue.

I would, therefore, request your goodself to kindly arrange for similar type meeting for bilateral settlement on each of the issues raised by the Staff Side, NC/JCM before Empowered Committee of Secretaries.

Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary, Staff Side

National Council(JCM)

Monday, May 2, 2016

False allegations agaist our members by NFPE @ TV RMS..

            The Chief Postmaster General
            Kerala Circle

Respected Sir,

Sub : GDS MM recruitment in RMS and false allegation Regarding.

Ref  :   This office Letter No.NUR-C/Corres  dated 10-12-015.

Kindly refer to the above.

NFPE union leveled false allegations against our union leaders, in connection with GDS MM recruitment in RMS TV Division before processing the applications forms received by the department.
It is understood from whatsApp that Circle office has replied to NFPE leader Shri. Rajendran, without considering the explanation from our side on the above subject. In the reply it is stated that direction has been given to SSRM RMS TV Division to take action against our leaders. We strongly protest this partial decision taken from circle office. The allegations leveled before the beginning of the processing of application forms received by the department was intentional. Department has very clear rules to prepare merit list without outside intervention.  
In this connection it is informed that during October 2015 our department announced large number of GDS MM vacancies in various RMS offices throughout Kerala circle. Details were exhibited on the department notice boards in some offices. Whereas some of the sub record officers in RMS TV Division did not publish the details even in their own office notice boards to inform the public with an intension to help somebody known to them. Our divisional leaders brought this to the notice of the senior superintendent RMS TV Division and requested him to advertise the matter in Medias. The senior superintendent replied them that there is no provision to publish the matter in Medias. In this circumstance our union leaders approached the publishers of Thozhil veethi and informed the details of the GDSMM recruitment to them with good intension. They published the matter in Thozhil veethi free of coast. This has paved ways to more general public to apply for the post and hurdle the back door appointment planed by NFPE union. Department received thousands of application forms for this posts. If you verify the earlier GDSMM recruitment, you can understand that the department received only a very few number of applications forms and the relatives of the department staff got appointment as GDSMM.
The information regarding recruitment in Thozhil veethi, Thozhil Vartha and other daily news papers during the PA/SA recruitment in our department by serving employees is not new in Kerala circle. I hereby enclosed the photo copies of the Mathrubhoomi thozhil vartha dated 06-10-2012 and 10-05-2014 for your kind reference, in which large number of serving department employees given their names to contact them for matters relating to recruitment of PA/SA. In this advertisement they indirectly offered guarantee for appointment to those who approach them and attend their guidance centers.
Considering the above facts, kindly withdraw the partial decision to take action against our union leaders.
If the Chief PMG is with the view that the information given to Thozhil Veethi regarding GDSMM recruitment by our leaders is irregular, the advertisement given by department staff at the time of PA/SA recruitment is also irregular. You are requested to take action against the department staffs who have advertise their Mobile numbers in the attached photo copies of the Mathrubhoomi Thozhil Vartha dated 06-10-2012 and 10-05-2015.
A word in reply in this matter is highly solicited.
                                                                                                Yours sincerely,


DoP temporarily suspended booking of surface mail items to several foreign countries.

The Countries are:

1. Brunei Darussalam2. Indonesia3.Kuwait4.Malaysia5.Myanmar6.New Zealand7.Philippines8.Thailand9.Vietnam

## MAY  1   :  WORKERS DAY…..

Happy May Day 2016: May Day is also known as International Workers’ Day or Labour Day in some places. May Day is declared as a national public holiday in many countries, but in some of the countries, it is celebrated specifically as Labour Day or International Workers Day. May Day is dedicated to all the hard worker, their achievements. It is the day to all of the labors who did their best in their work and struggled in the past when our country was ruled by the Britishers. On this occasion of May Day 2016, we convey our best wishes and regards to all the labors and workers around the world.