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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hi friends, FNPO men, in connection with 22nd AIC of NAPE gr. C at Trivandrum from 2017 Feb 5 th to 7 th a logo contest is arranged. Your design to be mailed to by 6/01/2017. The designer of the selected logo will be honoured in the AIC

Congratzzz MELVIN VINCENT… for getting BRONZE in classic International  Championship 2016…          FNPO KERALA


IPPB is a public limited company under the Department of Posts with an independent Board of Directors. It will be headed by a Managing Director and CEO, and will set up a corporate head quarter and up to 650 branches to manage its functions on a day to day basis.
IPPB will leverage the physical and IT infrastructure of the Post office and be set up on a lean operating model. It will focus on low-cost, low-risk, technology based solutions to extend access to formal banking.

Products and Services of IPPB

1. IPPB Payment Services

IPPB will provide the benefits of payments and remittances to the customers, by adopting newer, efficient processes and technologies such as mobile based payments, digital wallets and innovative payment and remittance products that are continuously emerging in the market today.

Combined with doorstep cash payment options like traditional money orders, IPPB will differentiate itself from the other players while comparing well with all other benefits offered by competitors.

IPPB will drive the benefits of financial inclusion by bringing a host of financial products to suit the needs of different strata of society with special focus on the marginalized sections and citizens in rural areas. In so doing it will also provide the following proposed services:

Direct Benefits transfer (DBT) of social security payments of various Ministries.

Utility bill payments for electricity, water, telephone, gas etc.
Facilitate payments of various Central and State Govt& Municipal dues, taxes and fees/taxes of various Universities/ educational institution.

Person to person remittances both domestic and cross-border. Special focus will be on providing, economical, safe and convenient money transfer facilities to migrant labourers, NRIs remitting money to relatives, institutions etc.

Demand Deposits (Current account and Savings Account)- with special focus on MSMEs, small entrepreneurs, village panchayats & SHGs.

Distribution of third party financial products such as Insurance (health & general), mutual funds and pension products.

Access to formal credit products by acting as BCs of banks & MFIs.
Product innovation will be a continuous exercise to expand the bouquet of services adapting to the evolving needs of its customers and the rapid advancements in communication and payments technologies.

2. IPPB Banking Services

Apart from savings account with up to INR 1,00,000 in deposit, the products offered by IPPB 
are different from POSB products. POSB savings accounts do not have any limit unlike payments bank savings account. On the other hand, payments banks, can offer current accounts for use by businesses and institutions whereas POSB does not offer these accounts. Other kinds of deposits under POSB are unique to it and will not be on offer by the payments bank. The purpose of the savings accounts and current accounts of IPPB is to facilitate flow of money and payments of different kinds from Government to Citizen, Citizen to Government, Citizen to Citizen, Citizen to Businesses and Businesses to Citizens whereas the POSB accounts are mainly savings instruments.

Apart from the existing customers of the DoP, IPPB will focus on the underbanked and unbanked population in different parts of the country. It will also try to target services for MSMEs, senior citizens, students, migrant population, low income households, unorganized sector and other groups with special service requirements. In addition to its own products, the payments bank will partner with third parties to offer a wide range of financial and banking services to cater to the needs of its target segments.

The customers will have the choice of the amount they want to leave in their IPPB account at any point of time and they will earn interest on their money in these accounts also. They would be able to channel money from their IPPB accounts to any of the POSB schemes. For example, an IPPB customer will be able to use money in his account to open and service a RD/ TD/ SSY or any other POSB account. Thus, both IPPB and POSB can synergistically serve the customers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our stand on GDS committee report

Today after attending Departmental Council Meeting, FNPO affiliated General Secretaries along with SG FNPO met Chairman Postal Services Board and requested him to release the GDS committee report which was submitted on 24-11-2016. After discussion FNPO Secretariat met and took the following decision.

1) Not to conduct any agitational programme up to31st December 2016 pressurising the publication of GDS committee report.

2) FNPO is not interested on agitation Programme for release of report. But we will insist the Department to implement all Positive recommendations of GDS committee.

  In view of this we appeal to all our colleagues to be patient up to December end. If Department did not initiate action to release the report, FNPO secretariat will meet and decide further course of action

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Circle Office Lunch Hour Demonstration…



FNPO KERALA Circle leaders giving memorandum to secretary to Governor as he is on tour..

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Central Government employees are eligible for 3% DA but Government granted only 2% DA.

The Government assured that allowance committee will submit its report within 4 months. 

In spite of, completion of 4 months the committee has not submitted its report. Central government employees became,anger seeing the above.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after
Seeing employees anger, therefore FNPO and its affiliates have organised Protest week from 12th -19th December 2016.

Appeal to all Divisional/ Circle Secretaries,Model letter of Governor, Copy of the letter to be submit Prime Minister & Reasons for protest week with programmes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(Affiliated to INTUC  & UNI Geneva)

No FNPO/CCC/AGN/2016                                                                                 Date    01/12/2016

Dear Sri. Theagarajan,

The Circle Co-ordination Committee of FNPO Kerala is in hectic activities for the success of the Protest Week from 12/12/2016 to 19/12/2016.

Regarding the 16 point Charter of Demands, the rank and file is expressing their concern over the lack of demand of five day week for operative staff.

Hence action from your end is requested for inclusion of the demand of five day week for operative staff too in the charter of demands.

                                              Thanking you

                                                 Yours faithfully

                                                                              (Johnson D Avokkaran)                                            
                                                  Circle Secretary & General Convener  FNPO, Kerala

Copy to:

Sri. D Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NAPE Group ‘C’ for iformation.

                                                                             (Johnson D Avokkaran)                                            
                                                   Circle Secretary & General Convener  FNPO, Keral

Monday, December 5, 2016


4th CPC increase Minimum pay 27.6%

5thCPC  increase Minimum pay 31.0%

6th CPC increase Minimum pay 54.0%

7th CPC increase Minimum pay 14.29%only

The MOF clearly indicates no changes in minimum pay at present.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after
Seeing this news, therefore, FNPO affiliates organize Protest week from 13th 19th December 2016

Observance of the Protest week from 13 th to 19th December 2016 by FNPO affiliates. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The reasons for the protest week& Present status of the committees.

Dear  colleagues,

You are aware FNPO and its affiliated unions have decided to observe protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016.

The reasons for the protest week:

On 30th June 2016 & 06th July 2016 Group Of Ministers called our NJCM leaders and gave assurance that a High-Level Committee will examine the 7th CPC issues, mainly the Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor. Based  on the assurance, the JCM Constituent deferred the Strike action on 06th July 2016.

Accordingly, the following committees were constituted .

1)  Committee to examine the 7th CPC issues mainly the Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor: The committee met once and the outcome of the meeting not known.

2)  Allowance Committee: Met once they discussed HRA & other allowances, but no commitment from the official side. Committee chairman conducted the meeting with all Departments. On 03/11/2016, a meeting was conducted under the Chairmanship of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure) with regard to postal department. During the meeting India Post Chairman, Postal board, Member (P), DDG (Esst.), DDG (P) & Director (Esst.) were present. Secretary Generals of the three Federations represented the staff side.

The Department of Posts submitted a proposal for retaining the  following allowances.

·       Fixed Monetary Compensation to Postman.

·       Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountants.

·       Cycle allowance to Postman.

·       Cash handling and Treasury allowance.

·       Headquarter allowance

·       Fixed Medical allowance.

·       Overtime Allowance

After a long discussion on the revision of above allowances, the Finance Secretary  asked to 
furnish the quantum of Fund required by the Department of Post to meet the Expenditure. Our departmental officers who were present at the meeting agreed to give the required fund details. According to our information, our department has sent the details to the Finance Secretary.

Let us hope that Finance Ministry will agree to our Departments proposal.

3) Anomaly committee was constituted department vice.

4) NPS Committee: According to our information the committee is constituted but no official information.

5) Pension option committee: To examine the feasibility to implement option -1 

Now four months have lapsed, we are yet to know the committees decision on the issues of Minimum Wage, Pay Fixation Formula, Allowances and National Pension system (NPS) etc. as on date

. Besides these, after implementing the 7th CPC (only pay), the Government is accepting all the recommendations affecting the employees one by one such as the benchmark for MACP from “GOOD” to VERY GOOD” which has created unrest in the minds of every employee.

FNPO cannot be a mere silent spectator after reading the employees mind, therefore FNPO and its affiliated unions have decided to observe protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016.

We request all Divisional / Circle secretaries to go through the programs and make it a grand success.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation


November 28, 2016

The Chairman / Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer,
Public Sector Banks/ Private Sector Banks / Foreign Banks /
Regional Rural Banks / Urban Cooperative Banks/
State Cooperative Banks/ District Central Cooperative Banks

Dear Sir,
Withdrawal of cash from bank deposit accounts - Relaxation

It has been reported that certain depositors are hesitating to deposit their money into bank accounts in view of the current limits on cash withdrawals from accounts.

2. As it is impeding active circulation of currency notes, it has been decided, on careful consideration, to allow withdrawals of deposits made in current legal tender notes on or after November 29, 2016 beyond the current limits; preferably, available higher denomination bank notes of ₹ 2000 and ₹ 500 are to be issued for such withdrawals.

Yours faithfully,
(P Vijaya Kumar)

Chief General Manager  

Changes in the programme.Observance of Protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016 by FNPO affiliates.


All Circle/Division/Branch Secretaries of FNPO affiliates.

Dear colleagues,

FNPO affiliated unions decided to observe protest week from 12th to 19th December 2016 on the 16 points Charter of Demands.
Program of the Protest week

12/12/2016- Demonstration  at Divisional office.

14/12/2016- To submit a letter to the Prime Minister through the State Governors by the Circle Secretaries.

16/12/2016 Lunch hour Demonstration at Circle/Regional offices

19/12/2016 Lunch hour Demonstration at Directorate&submission of  letter to the Prime Minister.

Our Circle/Division/Branch Secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions are requested to observe the above program in their respective places in an energetic manner.

With regards,


Circle Secretaries are requested to organise March to Raj Bhavan preferably on 14/11/2016 at all State Capitals and submit the letter to the Prime Minister through State Governor.


His/Her Excellency……………………………………… Governor of…………………………………. State Capital

Respected Sir/Madam,

Sub: Request to consider the issues of Postal employees related to 7th CPC & other related issues.

We, the Circle Secretaries of FNPO affiliated unions, submit to you the enclosed  letter addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister of India with our kind requests to forward the same to the Prime Minister.
This  letter  to voice our grave concerns.

We also request that you may kindly use your good offices to impress upon the Central Government  by conveying our genuine feelings.

We are highly thankful for your valuable time. Thanking you, Sir,

Yours Sincerely,
(Circle Secretaries)



Shri Narendra Modiji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
Raisina Hill,
New Delhi-l10011

Respected Sir,

We, the Federation of National Postal Organisations and its affiliated unions submit this letter to express our deep concern and request for honor the commitment given by the Group of Ministers held meetings with JCM (Staff Side) leaders on 30th June 2016 & 06th July 2016 and consequently assurance was given that a High Level Committee will examine 7th CPC issues mainly Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor. On this assurance, JCM Constituent organizations have deferred Strike action on 06th July, 2016.

Though a Committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Addl. Secretary (Exp), Ministry of Finance and discussions held, the response has been disappointing. The employees of  the Postal and other Central Government employees are greatly disappointed over non-settlement of the main issues through discussions.Furthermore  many of the 7th CPC recommendations have created unrest in the minds of Central government employees in general and Postal employees particularly.

The issues raised after 7thCPC implementation  & other  long pending requests are enclosed.

We request  your kind attention to the issues listed in the enclosure and action thereof.
With Pranams,
Yours sincerely,

The above letters sent by our Federation to all FNPO affiliated unions Circle secretaries through Federal sentinel (November 2016).  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Instructions regarding the wedding expenses withdrawal in the DOP 

Instructions to be communicated regarding the wedding expenses withdrawal  are given below for  circulation as directed

For wedding expenses, the Government has allowed withdrawal limit as Rs.250000-. A patch for the same is being deployed in Finacle.

As per RBI guidelines / DoP rulings, the officials should check all the relevant documents and 
obtain the declarations from the customer requesting for withdrawal from their POSB account in connection with wedding expenses.

The following conditions are mandatory for withdrawal in respect of wedding expenses:
KYC documents should have been submitted for the account; PAN card should have been updated. These checks are done on the CIF of the account holder.

The maximum withdrawal allowed is  Rs.250000 or the closing balance of the account as on 08/11/2016, whichever is lesser and subject to the minimum balance limits applicable on the account. ( Rs.50 for non-cheque accounts and Rs.500 for cheque accounts)

The user has to  select / enter the report code as WEDLM against transaction report code field in CTM / HTM menu for such transactions.​​

SBCO is advised to monitor the high value withdrawals at all the POs under their control. 

Report on such transactions can be generated using HFTR / HFTI menu with the Report Code field filled as WEDLM, on a daily basis.

With regards

Giriraj Ponnambalam
Deputy Manager (FSI)
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology, Chennai 600002

044-28543481, +91 94441 08080

Thursday, November 24, 2016


N.Unikrishnan former  Circle Secretary of NAPE-C Kerala Circle passed away today morning . He was one of  the FNPTO organizers in  the early 1970 & one of the lieutenants of our founder ever beloved leader KR army. Shri N. Unikrishnan donated his  body to Hospital for educational purpose. The act of Unikrishnan shows his philanthropy, even after his demise. FNPO convey its condolences  to his family members further our federation pays its tribute to Shri Unikrishan & salute his sacrifice ever.May his soul rest in peace.

Deposits into Post Office Savings Accounts are excluded 

From: Director (CBS)

Subject: SB Order No. 13 dated 23.11.16 regarding acceptance of WOS (old notes ) notes in SB Account.
Respected Sir/Madam,

Please find attached the SB Order No. 13/2016 dated 23.11.2016 regarding acceptance of  WOS currency notes in Post Office Saving Bank Account only and not in other accounts like RD, TD,MIS,SSA,SCSS,PPF,KVP, NSC etc for information and necessary action.

Note : Copy  of the Notification  No. 1/04/2016-NS from Department of Economic Affairs (Budget Division), Ministry of Finance, dated 22/11/16 and 23/11/16  is enclosed for reference.

With regards,

Sachin Kishore

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

There are  leaders who claim success is theirs & failure is others. 

Recently the DOP has sent a D.O letter to all Circles  with a copy to one federation. 

We published D.O letter on our website on the same day itself in the usual manner, but other federation published D.O letter of DOP with a remark that

IMPACT OF NFPE'S LETTER NO. PF-66/2016 DATED 12.11.2016.

It is their practice to claim the success in their favour and putting failures on the other shoulder.

In this connection, we wish to submit to our colleagues, please go through our letters and D.O letter of DOP on many issues mentioned in our letters  addressed by the department .

In regard to marking to one federation name in the letter, SG FNPO spoke to DDG (FS), she replied that it is the mistake & it will be rectified.

I appeal sister federation don't claim all success is yours. If you want to do so accept  failures also yours.

Don’t allow to deposit old currency note of Rs 500 and RS 1000 in Small Savings Schemes.


Ministry of Finance Department of Economic Affairs (Budget Divisional) North Block, New Delhi 
Dated 22nd November 2016


   1.      The Chief General Manager Reserve Bank of India Department of Government & Bank Accounts Central Office,

      2.      Byculla Office Accounts 4th floor, Opposite Mumbai Central Railway Station Byculla, Mumbai - 4000082.

      3.      The Deputy Director General (FS) Department of Posts Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,         New Delhi.

      4.      The Joint Director & HOD National Savings Institute ICCW Building 

       5.      Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg New Delhi-110003

Subject: Deposit of old demonetized notes of 500 and 1000 in Small Savings Scheme 


I am directed to state that Ministry of Finance has received references from Banks whether currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, discontinued w.e.f.9.11.2016, can be deposited in accounts opened under small savings schemes. The matter was examined in this Ministry and it has been decided that subscribers of Small Savings Scheme may not be allowed to deposit old currency note of Rs.500 and Rs.1000, in Small Savings Schemes.

2. This may be compiled strictly.

3. This has the approval of Secretary (Economic Affaris).

Yours faithfully,
 sd/- (Padam Singh) Regional Director(Sr.) 

Monday, November 21, 2016