An Organisation for the welfare of postal employees

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shri. S. Ramamurthy assumes charge as DPS, CR
Shri. S Ramamurthy assumed charge of DPS Central Region Kochi. His telephone numbers are 0484 2205065 ( Personal) 0484 2205045 ( Office) 0484 2205039 ( Fax).

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bi Monthly Meeting with DPS HQ

On 18/03/2014 there was First BiMonthly meeting with the new DPS HQ Sri. Thomas Lourdraj. Circle Secretary and ChandraBabu, ACS attended the meeting. Major issues of Southern region was discussed in the meeting. DPS was staff friendly. Later we had a discussion with APMG Staff too.

Submission of Declarations

Declarations to Join the Union received from new members are to be submitted to Divisional Superintendents on 30/04/2014 as done last year in the same form.
 Tour Programme of Circle Secretary & ACS
Circle Secretary along with S Kamaraj, Asst Circle Secretary attended the Inaugural session of Joint Circle Conference Rajasthan Circle ( Group C, MTS & Postman & NUGDS ) at Shriram Dharmasala Ajmer on 08/03/2014. We actively attended the Central working committee in the same venue on 09/03/14 & 10/03/14. Hectic discussions were held on the memorandum to be submitted to the 7 th Pay Commission from our organisational side. Kerala Circle expressed our protest over the decision of the Federation to join the strike with left confederation on 12th & 13 th February 2014 without consulting the Circle Unions. We expressed our anxiety over the delay in filing RTP Case, by the Union.

Since a mass recruitment to PA Cadre was announced the House discussed various ways to enroll more members  to our fold. Protest of the Circle working committee against denial of representation in Regional JCM to Postal side in Kerala Circle was conveyed to the house. 

Venue of the next AIC have not been finalised. Requests from many members to hold it in Kerala State was turned down by us, with an assurance to go for the same some other time. In return we stayed for 2 days in our CHQ at 17/02/2014, P&T Chummery, Atul Grove road New Delhi 1.