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Friday, April 26, 2013

Indefinite Sit in strike in Central Region from 01.05.2013.

The Circle JCA has decided to strengthen the agitation against the anti-labour attitude of the PMG, Central Region. The JCA has decided to start sit in strike in the Central Region from 01.05.2013. Even if the burning problems of the employees are not solved, the strike will be extended throughout Kerala Circle from 06.05.2013.

All Divisional/ Branch Secretaries are requested to make effective campaigning of the strike and make the strike cent percentage. The JCA circular is posted below.

Be United!!!!!!    Victory should be ours!!!!!!!!

Metting of the Divisional Secretaries of Central Region

It has been decided to convene a meeting of all the divisional secretaries of NUPE Gr C, NUPE Postman & Gr D and NUGDS, of the divisions under central region, on 28.04.2013 at 2 PM. The venue of the meeting will be the FNPO Dist Committee office, Kottayam. The agenda of the meeting is the proposed sit in strike in Central Region from 01.05.2013.

All Divisional secretaries are reuested to attend the meeting in time.

Enroll maximum new members to our union before 30.04.2013.

It is again the month of April. A time for us to enroll new members to our union. All Divisional/ Branch secretaries are requested to take earnest efforts to enroll maximum new members to our union, on or before 30.04.2013. The membership declaration form is posted below. The filled in membership forms may be submitted to the concerned Divisional heads on or before 30.04.2013. Divisional secretaries may please note that they need to submit membership declarations of newly joined members only. The membership forms of the already existing members need not be renewed.