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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LGO Examination postponed to 16.10.2011

The LGO Examination for the year 2011 has been rescheduled to be held on 16.10.2011 (Sunday). Earlier, it was communicated that the examination will be held on 15.10.2011.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Instructions regarding posting of officials in charge of Single-handed and B-Class offices

Circle Office has issued instructions regarding posting of officials in charge of Single-handed and B-Class offices. The order is posted below:


Office of the Chief Postmaster General,

Kerala Circle, Thiruvananthapuram – 695033


The SSPOs, Tvm North/ Kollam

The SPOs, Tvm South/ Pathanamthitta/ Tiruvalla

No: ST/ 9-2/ SR/ 2011 Dated: 25.08.2011

Sub: Posting of officials in charge of Single-handed and B-Class offices.

It is brought to the notice of this office that the newly recruited Postal Assistants in the year 2009 and 2010 have been posted as SPMs in sigle handed and B-class offices in some of the Postal Divisions in Southern Region. This is fraught with risk as the newly recruited officials do not have the experience to manage the functioning of single handed and B-class offices. Further they have been trained to handle computerized facilities and the new value added and e-services, many of which are yet to be provided in B & C class offices. In fact ‘C’ class offices are yet to be computerized and sending these new recruits to such offices is a waste of resources. Secretary (P) has directed time and again that these recruits should be used at the counters of major post offices in order to improve the quality of services to customers and this had been communicated in the past. Yet these instructions have not been complied with and they have been put in charge of Post Offices while their senior counterparts have been spared such onerous responsibilities.

2. Now a days Postmasters of all categories upto single-handed offices are also allotted with specific revenue targets in SB, RPLI etc. The induction training imparted can only give a brief idea about the various administrative duties and responsibilities including coordination with delivery staff. They can acquire sound knowledge of these aspects only by working in larger offices in different branches at least for a minimum period of ten years. The Divisional Heads have not sought any clarification before posting these junior most officials as in-charge of sub offices. This is not acceptable, in the face of directions available from the Directorate.

3. Prior to the introduction of MACP scheme, as per the then existing instructions, when posting of SPMs other than norm-based posts is to be made, officials working in BCR and TBOP are to be considered and for single-handed and B-class offices, if there is no willing official belonging to the above categories, the junior most TBOP should be posted. After the introduction of MACP scheme, when such contingency as mentioned, officials in MACP-3 and MACP-2 are to be considered when postings are made. Therefore, the following instructions may be followed hereafter:

(a) For filling up of HSG-I vacancies locally due to the delay in making regular appointments at Circle level, officials in MACP-3 may be considered. When no official is willing, the junior most official in MACP-3 may be posted.

(b) For filling up of HSG-II vacancies locally, officials in MACP-2 and MACP-3 may be considered. When no official is willing, the junior most MACP-2 may be posted against this vacancy.

(c) For filling up of LSG vacancies locally, officials in MACP-1, MACP-2 and MACP-3 may be considered and if there is no willing official, the junior most MACP-1 official may be posted.

(d) For posting as SPMs in A-class, B-Class and single-handed post offices, willing MACP-3, MACP-2 and MACP-1 officials may be considered. While posting in B-class and single-handed offices, it may be ensured that no official is granted a second tenure in the same office. If there is no willing official to be posted as SPM against any of the above categories, the junior most MACP-I official may be posted.

4. While following the above instructions, the hierarchy to be followed is to post willing MACP-3 officials, followed by MACP-2 and MACP-1 officials. However, it may be ensured that MACP-3 and MACP-2 officials are not posted against single-handed, B-class and also at A-class and LSG Offices, keeping the HSG-I and HSG-II posts vacant or manned by MACP-2 and MACP-1 officials in respectively. There is no dearth for MACP-3, MACP-2 and MACP-1 officials in any postal division. Hence there is no justification in posting newly recruited officials as SPMs in single-handed and B-class offices. It is reiterated that, time-scale PAs should not be posted as SPMs of any post officesunder any circumstances.

5. In this matter, a review may be undertaken immediately and action taken to shift such junior most officials by filling up the posts as mentioned above. Details of such arrangements presently made may also be intimated within 3 days for the information of CPMG.


C R Ramakrishnan

APMG (Staff & Vigilance)

Copy to: AD (staff), Office of PMG, Kochi/ Kozhikode – for similar action at his end.

APMG (Staff)