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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bonus declared for Postal Employees

The department of Posts has issued orders (letter No: 26-07/2011-PAP dated 23.09.2011), declaring Productivity Linked Bonus for 2010-11. The bonus will be 60 days. The ceiling will be as follows:

1. Regular Employees: Rs. 3500/-

2. GDS Employees: Rs. 2500/-

File No. 26-07/2011-PAP

Government of India

Ministry of Communications & IT

Department of Posts

(Establishment Division)

Dak Bhawan,Sansad Marg,

New Delhi-110 001

Dated 23rd October, 2011

  1. All Chief Postmasters General,

Subject:- Productivity Linked Bonus for the Accounting year 2010-2011


I am directed to convey the approval of the President of India for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus for the accounting year 2010-2011 equivalent of emoluments of 60 (Sixty) days to the employees of Department of Posts in Group `D`,Group `C` and non Gazetted Group `B`. Ex-gratia payment of Bonus to Gramin Dak Sevaks who are regularly appointed after observing all appointment formalities and adhoc payment of Bonus to Casual labourers who have been conferred Temporary Status are also to be paid equivalent to allowance/wages respectively for 60 (sixty) Days for the same period.

1.1 The calculation for the purpose of payment of Bonus under each category will be done as indicated below.


2.1 Bonus will be calculated on the basis of the following formula:-

Average emoluments X Number of days of Bonus/ 30.4 (Average no. of days in a month)

2.2 The term “Emoluments” for regular Employees include basic Pay in the pay Band plus Grade Pay, Dearness Pay, Personal Pay, Special Pay (Allowance), S.B.Allowance, Deputation (Duty ) Allowance, Dearness Allowance and Training Allowance given to Faculty Members in Training Institutes. In case of drawl of salary exceeding Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) in any month during the accounting year 2009-10 the Emoluments shall be restricted to Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) per month only.

2.3 “ Average Emoluments” for regular Employees is arrived at by dividing by twelve ,the total salary drawn during the year 2010-11 for the period from 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011, by restricting each month’s salary to Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only) per month. However, for the periods of EOL and dies-non in a given month ,proportionate deduction is required to be made from the ceiling limit of Rs.3500/- (Rs. Three Thousand Five hundred only)

2.4 In case of those regular employees who were under suspension, or on whom dies-non was imposed ,or both, during the accounting year, the clarificatory order issued vide Paras 1 & 3 respectively of this office order No. 26-8/80-PAP (Pt-I) dated 11.6.81 and No. 26-4/87-PAP (Pt.II) dated 8.2.88 will apply.

2.5 Those employees who resigned, retired, left service or proceeded on deputation within the Department of Posts or those who have proceeded on deputation outside the Department of Posts on or after 1.4.2010 will also be entitled to Bonus. In case of all such employees, the Bonus admissible will be as per provisions of Para 2.1 to 2.3 above.


3.1 In respect of Gramin Dak Sevaks who were on duty through out the year during 2010-2011, Average monthly Time Related Continuity Allowance will be calculated taking into account the Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) plus corresponding Dearness Allowance drawn by them for the period from 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011 divided by 12 (Twelve). However, where the Time Related Continuity Allowance exceeds Rs 2500/- (Rs.Two Thousand Five hundred only) in any month during this period., the allowances will be restricted to Rs 2500/- (Rs.Two Thousand Five hundred only) per month. Ex-gratia payment of Bonus may be calculated by applying the Bonus formula as mentioned below:-

Average TRCA X Number of days of Bonus/ 30.4 (Average no. of days in a month)

3.2 The allowances drawn by a substitute will not be counted towards Bonus calculation for either the substitute or the incumbent Gramin Dak Sevaks. In respect of those Gramin Dak Sevaks who were appointed in short term vacancies in Postman/Group `D` Cadre, the clarificatory orders issued vide Directorate letter No. 26-6/89-PAP dated 6.2.1990 and No. 26-7/90-PAP dated 4.7.91 will apply.

3.3 If a Gramin Dak Sevak has been on duty for a part or the year by way of a fresh appointment, or for having been put off duty, or for having left service,he will be paid proportionate ex-gratia Bonus calculated by applying the procedure prescribed in Para 3.1

3.4. Those Gramin Dak Sevaks who have resigned, discharged or left service on or after 1.4.2010 will also be entitled to proportionate ex-gratia Bonus. In case of all such Gramin Dak Sevaks, the Ex-gratia Bonus admissible will be as per provisions of Para 3.1 above.

3.5 In case of those Gramin Dak Sevaks who were under put off duty or on whom dies non was imposed, or both during the accounting year ,the clarificatory orders issued vide Para 1 & 3 respectively of this office order No. 26-8/80-PAP (Pt I) dated 11.6.81 and No. 26-4/87-PAP (Pt II) will apply.


4.1 Full Time Casual Labourers (including Temporary Status Casual Labourers ) who worked for 8 hours a day, for at least 240 days in a year for three consecutive years or more (206 days in each year for three years or more in case of offices observing 5 days a week) as on 31.3.2011 will be paid ad-hoc Bonus on notional monthly wages of Rs.1200/- (Rupees Twelve Hundred only)

The maximum ad-hoc Bonus will be calculated as below:-

(National monthly wages of Rs.1200) X (Number of days of Bonus)/ 30.4 (average no. of days in a month)

Accordingly , the rate of Bonus per day will work out as indicated below:-

Maximum ad-hoc Bonus for the year/ 365

The above rate of Bonus per day may be applied to the number of days for which the services of such casual labourers had been utilized during the period from 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011. In case where the actual wages in any month fall below during the period 1.4.2010 to 31.3.2011 the actual monthly wages drawn should be taken into account to arrive at the actual ad-hoc Bonus due in such cases.

5. The amount of Bonus /Ex gratia payment /Adhoc Bonus payable under this order will be rounded to the nearest rupee. The payment of Productivity Linked Bonus as well as the ex-gratia payment and ad-hoc payment will be chargeable to the Head `Salaries` under the relevant Sub –Head of account to which the pay and allowances of the staff are debited. The payment will be met from the sanctioned grant for the year 2011-2012.

6. After payment, the total expenditure incurred and the number of employees paid may be ascertained from all units by Circle and consolidated figures be intimated to the Budget Section of the Department of Posts. The Budget Section will furnish consolidated information to PAP Section about the total amount of Bonus paid and the total number of employees (category-wise) to whom it was distributed for the Department as a whole.

7. This issue with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing vide their diary No. 104/FA/10/CS dated 23-9-2011.

8. Receipt of this letter may be acknowledged


S V Rao

Assistant Director General (Estt.)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Induction training to Postal Assistants

The Induction training for the directly recruited Postal Assistants will be commencing from 10/10/2011 to 3/12/2011, at PTC, Mysore. Seat allotment for the divisions is furnished below.

Due to large influx of PA/SA trainees, the lodging and boarding facility to all the PA Direct Recruit Men trainees of Kerala Circle will be at Regional Training Centre(RTTC), Near Kamakshi Hospital, T K Layout, Mysore-570 009. The Mysore Railway Station is about 6 kms and the Mysore main bus stand is about 7 kms from RTTC, Mysore. The KSRTC local buses ply from railway station/bus stand to a bus stop situated near Kamakshi hospital. Auto charges from railway station would be around Rs.60/- and from main bus stand it would be around Rs.70/-. Therefore the PA Direct Recruit men trainees will have to report directly to the Warden Kaveri Hostel, RTTC, Mysore on the forenoon of 9/10/2011. However, the training for these men trainees will be imparted as usual at PTC, Mysore. These trainees will have to attend PTC, Mysore for registration purpose on 9/10/11 at 3 pm and the vehicle arrangement has been made for this purpose from 2 pm onwards from RTTC.

All the PA women candidates will have to report at PTC, Mysore on the fore noon of 9/10/2011 and their registration will be done at 3pm on 9/10/2011. The candidates should report at Postal Training Centre, Mysore/Regional Training Centre one day prior to the start of the training. The trainees will have to stay at PTC, Mysore continuously from 9-10-11 to 3-12-2011 without break and no leave will be granted to the trainees during the training period except in emergency cases. The dress code and restrictions on use of mobile will have to be strictly followed.

Number of seats allotted to the Divisions for Induction Training Programme for Postal Assistants at PTC, Mysore.

Sl No.

Name of the Division

No. of seats allotted for PA(Direct) for the training batch at PTC commencing from 10.10.11 to 3.12.11


TVM North



TVM South






































































Food Charges from 9.10.11 to 3.12.11


Accomodation Charges (PTC, Mysore)

Accomodation Charges (RTTC, Mysore)

Total Aount of payment


Per day Rs. 94/-

Rs. 5264/-


Rs. 5061/-

Rs. 10,325/-


Per day Rs. 94/-


Rs. 1686/-



Instructions for Candidates/Trainees.

1. Please report to Postal Training Centre, Mysore/Regional Telecom Training Centre, Mysore by 28-9-2011/9-10-11 F/N so that the registration formalities are completed.

2. The Induction training program is for eight weeks. No leave will be granted to the trainees during the training period except in emergency cases.

3. The dress code during the program is Pant/ shirts for men & Choodidar /Sarees for women. Other dresses like jeans etc are not allowed.

4. Mobile phones are not permitted in the academic block and during study hours in hostel.

5. The candidates are required to bring the following:-

i. Three recent stamp size photographs

6. The pregnant Lady candidate (at advance stage) is not allowed in training course.

7. Drinking of alcohol, smoking and chewing tobacco/ Gutkha is strictly prohibited in the

campus. Suitable action will be taken against those, who will not follow this instruction.

Physical Training is a part of training. PT is compulsory

The PT Uniform Dresses will be supplied by PTC Mysore on paying Rs 651/-. However trainees are requested to being a pair of white canvas Shoes and socks while coming for training.

Here afterwards the men trainees to bring with them black or brown shoes and a tie and they have to wear shoes during the class hours. They have to wear tie during soft skills classes and guest faculty lectures.

General information about PTC, Mysore


Mysore is located at a distance of 137 kms from Bangalore, the capital city of the state of Karnataka. Mysore is connected to Bangalore by both rail and road. The drive from Bangalore takes about three hours.

Postal Training Centre at Mysore is housed in a palace, which formerly belonged to the royal family of Mysore. The campus is spread over an area of 31.5 acres with hostels, play grounds and other amenities for trainees.

How to reach

Postal Training Centre Mysore is situated in the Nazarbad Area diagonally opposite to Nazarbad Police Station. Mysore Railway station is about 5 kms. Mysore main bus stand is about 3 kms. KSRTC local buses ply from railway station/bus stand to a bus stop situated near the PTC Mysore main gate. Auto charges from railway station would be around Rs.35/- and from main bus stand, it would be around Rs.25/-.


Mysore enjoys a cool and pleasant climate round the year with temperature rarely going beyond 30o C.


Postal Training Centre has its hostel in the campus, where participants will be accommodated. There will be sharing of accommodation. Separate blocks are available for men and women trainees. Accommodation for the families of the participants is not available.

Mess facility

Good vegetarian mess facility is provided to all the trainees

Physical Training

Physical training activities are provided to the trainees through Physical Training Instructor. Facilities for playing outdoor and indoor games are available. A well-equipped gymnasium is also available. There will be yoga session every day for the interested trainees.

Library/Reading room

All important daily newspapers, weekly, fortnightly, monthly magazines of English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada are made available to the trainees in the reading room. In Library, Southern regional languages books, books on management, computer, English fiction, nonfiction and etc, in English & Hindi


A dispensary is available for providing medical facility to the trainees.


Each floor of the hostel block is provided with a TV. A music room is available in the campus with some important musical instruments.

Other facilities

A departmental post office is available in the campus attached to the main building.

Contact telephone nos. Office Residence

Sri M Jagadeesh Pai 0821-2904621 0821-2442600

Mobile no.9900768590

Ms K Sridevi 0821-2521633 0821-2520240

Assistant Director (Admn) Mobile: 9880600537


Shri Prakash, Office Supervisor 0821-2521600 MB.No. 9880816696


Office fax 0821-2522023

Class timings I Batch 0730 hours to 1330 hours (Coffee Break, 1000 to 1030)

II Batch 1400 hours to 2000 hours (Coffee Break 1700 to 1730)

Mess timings Coffee 0600 hours

Breakfast 0700 hours to 0900 hours

Tea break 1000 hours to 1030 hours

Lunch 1230 hours to 1430 hours

Coffee/Snacks 1700 hours to 1730 hours

Dinner 1930 hours to 2130 hours