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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revision of Mazdoor Charges

As per the abstract of the Government of Kerala, Finance (Expenditure.C) Department G.O.(P) No. 204/2011/ Fin. Dated 02.05.2011 the rates of daily wages in respect of different categories such as clerk, typist, chainman, security guard, class IV employee, workers in Government presses, driver and pump operator has been revised, vide Circle Office, Trivandrum, order No: EST/ 53-2/ 9/ Dlg dated 29.06.2011.

The order is posted below.




The Postmaster General, Northern Region, Kozhikode

The Postmaster General, Central Region, Kochi

The Director of Postal Accounts, Trivandrum – 695001

The Senior Supdt. Of Post Offices, Trivandrum North/ Kollam

The SSRM, ‘TV’ Division, Trivandrum

The Supdt of Post Offices, Trivndrum North/ Pattanamthitta/ Tiruvalla

NO. EST/ 53-2/ 9/ Dlg Dated at Trivandrum -33 the 29.06.2011

Sub: Revision of Mazdoor Charges

As per the abstract of the Government of Kerala, Finance (Expenditure.C) Department G.O.(P) No. 204/2011/ Fin. Dated 02.05.2011 the rates of daily wages in respect of different categories such as clerk, typist, chainman, security guard, class IV employee, workers in Government presses, driver and pump operator has been revised. The revised rates are furnished herewith.


Existing Rate


Revised Rate















Security Guard




Class IV




Workers in Government Presses








Pump Operator



The rates mentioned above, may kindly be paid for the outsider engaged for attending Signature scanning and data entry work in the category of clerk and mazdoor worker in the category of Class IV. The rate mentioned above will apply only for the full time work. This will not apply to those engaged casually for doing part time work like sweeping etc. The revised rate takes effect from the date of issue of this office order.

This has the approval of the Chief PMG.


(L. Amalachandran)

Asstt. Director (Estt.)

Admissibility of various kinds of Travelling Allowances in the case of System Administrators, Marketing Executives, PRI(P)s etc

FILE NO. 17-01/ 2011-PAP




THE: 23rd JUNE, 2011.


All Heads of Circles

All Heads of Circle Postal Accounts Offices

All Heads of Postal Staff College of India & PTCs

Sub: Admissibility of various kinds of Travelling Allowances in the case of System Administrators, Marketing Executives, PRI(P)s etc.-reg: -

Sir/ Madam,

This is regarding (i) application of Road Mileage Allowance to Systems Administrators, (ii) grant of fixed Conveyance Allowance to Marketing Executives; and (iii) bring the PRI(P)s under TA Rules for the journeys beyond 16 KMs.

2.0 It is reiterated that the Supplementary Rules and the Government Orders thereunder, pertaining to the grant of fixed conveyance allowance, payment of Road mileage and payment of Travelling Allowance to various categories of staff, “including System Administrators, Marketing Executives and PRI(P)s, working in this Department”, for their travels within and beyond 16 KMs, are not only clear and distinct but also their implementation is well within the powers of the Heads of Departments (Heads of Circles in case of Postal Circles).

2.1 It is therefore, requested that the possibilities of payment of Road Mileage Allowance to System Administrators, payment of fixed conveyance allowance to the Marketting Executives may be examined under appropriate rules (ie. SRs 22 to 25, 45 or 46 as the case may be) and Government orders thereunder and decided at Circle level itself. Normal TA/ DA for the journeys beyond 16 KMs from their normal place/ headquarters of duty, may be granted to the PRI(P)s, System Administrators and Marketting Executives, as per the existing provisions available under the Fundamental Rules & Supplementary Rules(Part-II : TA Rules) and Government’s orders thereunder.

2.2 In case the Marketting Executives and System Administrators are also required to travel extensively within 16 KMs, as in the case of PRI(P)s, their cases may also be examined by maintanance of log books for three months with reference to the “GIO(1) below SR-25 prescribing the slabs of distances and corresponding monthly rates of conveyance allowance” and decided swiftly in order to allow the justified allowances to the employees concerned without delay.

3.0 The issue of payment of “fixed conveyance allowance” to the postal assistants assigned the duties of going to Clearing Houses, etc., in connection with clearence of cheques, has also been raised. It is clarified that no such fixed conveyance allowance, like PRI(P)s could be considered for such Postal Assistants as their job cannot be equated with the former. It is therefore, made clear that such officials may be reimbursed actual expenses incurred by them for such visits accoring to their entitlements or prescribed per Kilo Meter rate of road mileage may be granted in case of their journeys carried out through their own scooters/ motorcycles as the case may be, with reference to the applicable rules and instructions.



S V Rao

Asst. Director General (Estt)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Birth Centenary year of the founding father of FNPO

A Legend’s Centenary year

The founder of the National Unions movement in the erstwhile P&T department late
K.R enters the age of 100 on 08.08.2011. Though he breathed his last on 05-10-1995, his vision, his objectives and his ideologies on functioning of the National Unions are being carried out by thousands of his followers.

He joined the department in the year 1936 in the PMG’s office, Madras and he became member of the then All India Postal & RMS Union after he was transferred to Madras GPO sorting in the year 1937. From this period, he served the Trade Union movement in various capacities till his death.

His sacrifice to the T U movement was immeasurable. During the all Central Govt. Employees strike in the year 1960, he was the General Secretary of AIPEU- Class III and he was arrested by the Govt. and lodged in Tihar Jail, Delhi. The Govt. had also placed him under suspension. Besides this, the Govt. had victimized many employees and office bearers of the Unions by placing them under suspension etc. The strike was withdrawn subsequently, but many were under suspension. At that time he declared that he will not rejoin duty as long as victimized employees were taken by the department in service. He fulfilled this assurance and rejoined duty only on 29.3.1962 at T.Nagar P.O, Madras. He had also filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India against the ESMA (Essential Services Maintenance Act) promulgated by the Govt. of India to harass and victimize the striking employees. The Supreme Court quashed the ordnance of the Govt.

Late K.R founded three Unions initially viz. National Union of Postal Employees Class III, National Union of Postal Employees Postmen and Class IV and National Union of Extra Departmental Agents and the Govt. accorded recognition on 10-10-1968. The Govt was reluctant to accord recognition to a separate ED Employees union and the then Minister for Communications pleaded with K.R not to insist on a separate ED Union. But K.R rejected this proposal and told him that he was not prepared to launch P III and Postmen Union and offered to withdraw the application. Then only the Govt. accorded recognition for a separate ED Union for ED employees.

Had he been alive, he would not have allowed the Govt./Dept. to issue an order to the effect that the GDS union cannot be an affiliate of a Federation.

After the formation of National Unions, he had struggled hard with the Govt. and other forces to safeguard the trade union democracy free from the control of any political party or forces. He had never made compromises with the Govt. on the objects and policies of the National Unions. During the emergency period, Federal Congress was held at New Delhi in the year 1976. There was tremendous pressure from the then Communications Minister late Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma, to offer the post of the President of the Federation to a politician and who in turn will nominate the Secretary General of the Federation. K.R flatly refused to yield to the threats and placed the proposal in the Federal Congress. The entire House in one voice rejected the demand. The house then elected its own members as office bearers of the Federation. During the Janata Govt. rule, K.R was against the illegal and unlawful activities of the then Min. for Communications late Brij Lal Verma. The then minister derecognized the FNPTO and took away the govt. accommodation throwing away all the records of the Federation and belongings of K.R in the street when K.R was out of Delhi during that time. He bravely faced the situation and brought the atrocities and unlawful activities of the minister to the notice of the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai. The PM gave a patient hearing, but he had done nothing to render justice in this regard. It was then learnt that in the coalition govt., the PM has no control over his cabinet colleagues. K.R shifted the Federation office to Karolbagh in Newdelhi and functioned from a rental accommodation. The Federation was recognized after the fall of Morarji Desai government and when late Charan Singh formed the new govt.

K.R was keen to have cordial relationship with International Trade Union centers and made the FNPTO as an affiliate of the PTTI. After some years, the PTTI amalgamated with the UNI and the Unions and Federation are now affiliated to the UNI.

His excellent submissions of proposals of the Postal Employees before the first to fifth pay commissions is a testimony to prove his brilliance on the Postal Problems.

What we are to day ---- we owe our thanks and gratefulness to K.R.

Yes, my dear colleagues, I appeal to you and all the Branches/Circles to celebrate the K.R centenary year along in a grand manner from 08-08-2011 for a year and engulf yourselves to the policies and ideologies mooted out by K.R and pledge ourselves for the growth of the National Movement in the years ahead! You are advised to contact other unions affiliated to FNPO and if they agree, the celebrations may be held jointly.


Appointment to the cadre of Postmaster Grade II

Circle Office, Trivandrum, vide Memo No: ST/ 3-1/ PMC/ DLG dated 01.07.2011, has issued orders, appointing the undermentioned HSG II Officials to the cadre of Postmaster Grade II and allotted to the Regions noted against each.

Sl No

Name of Official


Allotted to


Shri A J George


Central Region


Shri P C Muhammadali


Northern Region


Shri P Govindankutty


Northern Region

Implementation of MACP Scheme - Clarifications on constitution of Divisional Scrutiny Committee

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Revision Of Consultation / Visiting / Injection Fee Of Authorized Medical Attendants (AMAs) Under CS (MA) Rules, 1944.

F.No.B.12012/03/2010-Cghs (P)
Government Of India,
Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare
Department Of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated The 6th June, 2011.

Office Memorandum

Subject: – Revision Of Consultation / Visiting / Injection Fee Of Authorized Medical Attendants (AMAs) Under CS (MA) Rules, 1944.

The Undersigned Is Directed To Refer To This Ministry’s O.M. No.S.14025/10/2001-Ms, Dated 31-12-2002 On The Subject Mentioned Above And To Say That The Issue Of Further Revision Of Consultation / Visiting / Injection Fees Of Different Categories Of Medical Officers (Authorized Medical Attendants) Appointed For The Treatment Of Central Government Employees And Their Dependent Family Members Covered Under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 Of Various Ministry / Departments / States / Union Territories Has Been Under Consideration Of This Ministry For Sometime. It Has Now Been Decided To Revise The Same As Indicated Below :-

Medical Postgraduate /


In Rs.

Consultation Fees

First Consultation


Subsequent Consultation


Injection Fees

Intramuscular / Subcutaneous




Medical Licentiates And

Medical Graduates (Mbbs Or Equivalent)

Consultation Fees

First Consultation


Subsequent Consultation


Injection Fees

Intramuscular / Subcutaneous




2. These Orders Will Supersede The Earlier Orders Issued On The Subject From The Date Of Issue.

3. It Is Also Clarified That Now There Are No Separate Charges For Day And Night Consultation, As These Were Prevailing Earlier.

4. This Order Will Be Effective From The Date Of Issue.

5. This Issues With The Concurrence Of fd Vide Dy. No. C-2699, Dated 3-3-2011.

Minutes of the meetings taken by Secretary (P) with Postal Joint Council of Action

Minutes of the meetings taken by Secretary (P)/Member (operations) with Postal Joint Council of Action comprising National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE), Federation of National Postal Organizations (FNPO) (along with their affiliated associations), All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union (AIPEDEU) and National Union of Gramin Dak Sevaks (NUGDS), on 27.06.2011, 29.06.2011, 30.06.2011 and 01.07.2011.

The 25 point Charter of Demands served by JCA was discussed in the meetings held under the Chairpersonship of Secretary on the dates indicated above. The gist of discussions is as follows:

Item No. 1

The mail arrangement made in the wake of creation of Speed Post Hubs and which, as represented by Staff Side, are causing delay as compared to the position prevailing before, will be reviewed by a Committee including Secretary General of both NFPE and FNPO. As regards, first class mail, the question of forming L-I and L-2 will be reviewed along with the Staff Side by forming a Committee. Regarding closure/merger of Post Offices, the Staff Side requested that whenever there is a closure of a Post Office, there should be a simultaneous relocation of PO in the new emerging areas etc. The view point of the Staff Side was agreed to. As regards change of designation of sorting Postman, it was agreed to issue a clarificatory order in consultation with Mails Division.

Item No.2

On the issue of grant of civil servant status to Gramin Dak Sevaks, the Staff Side was apprised that it was not within the competence of the Department to take a view in the matter. As regards, scrapping of new recruitment rules for Postman Cadre, relaxation of norms for cash handling, stopping reduction of TRCA in case of reduction in work load, removal of ceiling in the matter of compassionate appointment, adjustment of part time casual labourers and contingent workers against Gramin Dak Sevaks’ posts, it was agreed to have a re-look by the Department. On the persistent demands of Staff Side, the Chairperson agreed to send a proposal to the Ministry of Finance for enhancement of ceiling of bonus to `3500 in case of Gramin Dak Sevaks.

Item No.3

In regard to casual labourers engaged prior to 1993, it was agreed to settle their case for payment on pro rata basis within one month. Post 01/09/1993 cases will also be taken up with Ministry of Finance etc for settlement.

Item No.4

The Staff Side was apprised that revision of OSA rates is under consideration in consultation with IFW and is being pursued closely. As regards OTA, the Staff Side was of the view that though it may not be within the competence of the Department to revise the OTA, but no official should be punished on the ground of non-performance of OTA. It was agreed to reiterate the earlier instructions issued on the subject.

Item No.5

In the context of items agreed during the last meeting of the Departmental Council held on 23.08.2010 but on which follow up action was pending, the following decisions were taken:

a) Order will be issued to grant officiating pay with all benefits to the staff officiating in HSG-II and HSG-I vacancies.

b) Orders will be issued to increase the number of chances to appear for LGOs examination.

c) Clarificatory order will be issued regarding eligibility to appear in LGO examination.

d) Order will be issued to the effect of dropping of confirmation examination

e) In the matter of tenure posting of officials in single and double handed offices, the Staff Side requested to withdraw the condition imposed vide letter No.8-4/2005-INV dated 22.09.32005. The matter is under examination in consultation with Vigilance Branch.

f) Regarding removal of restriction in posting of SPM due to minor penalties/CR entries, the issue is under examination in consultation with Vigilance Branch.

g) As regards allowing physically handicapped officials for appearing in the Departmental Examination like IPOs, orders will be issued to this effect.

h) The issue regarding transfer of HSG-I posts to General Line is being addressed.

i) The issues regarding administrative power to grant leave to staff by HSG-I Postmasters will be finalized in consultation with Staff Side.

j) The issue regarding counting the training period for benefits of promotion under TBOP/BCR is under examination.

k) The issues relating to grant of cycle allowance without linking with distance is under examination in consultation with IFW. Meanwhile, during the discussions with CGM (MB) on 1/7/2011, the service union’s representatives proposed to withdraw Cycle Allowance issue.

l) Payment of honorarium for drawal of arrears in respect to of pensioners will be considered.

m) In the matter of counting of Special Allowance for pay fixation cases of PO and RMS Accountants, it was informed that the issue is long pending before the Standing Committee of National Council of JCM. The issue which was subjudice before CAT Ernakulam Branch and High Court of Karnataka, has since been disposed of and will be looked into, in view of it.

n) As regards non-drawal of HRA to officiating SPMs working at offices having attached quarter, instructions have been reiterated to Heads of Circles.

o) The protection of pay of defunct scale of PO and RMS Accountants is under examination in consultation with IFW.

p) The issue of anomaly in fixing of pay in respect of officials promoted on 1.1.1996 stands referred to Ministry of Finance.

q) Regarding admissibility of Conveyance Allowance to PRI(P)/System Administrators, clarificatory orders have been issued.

r) The issue of enhancement of financial powers of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I Postmaster is under examination in consultation with IFW.

s) The issue regarding fixing of norms\time factors in case of Postal Stores Depots and Circle Store Depots will be taken on introduction of technology.

t) Clarificatory orders have been issued in the matter of grant of road mileage allowance to the staff entrusted with the work of clearance of cheques.

u) The issue regarding enhancement of honorarium for engaging officials in departmental examinations is under examination in consultation with IFW.

v) Clarificatory orders have already been issued for payment of fixed conveyance allowance to marketing executives.

w) The issue of revision of cash allowance to the SPMs handling cash in the absence of treasurer is under examination in consultation with IFW.

x) Grant of treasury allowance to all PAs irrespective of their status of grant of MACP is under examination in consultation with IFW.

y) The issue of arbitrary and forcible allotment of Staff Quarters will be relooked into.

Item No.6

The demand of Staff Side regarding cadre restructuring was discussed and the Chairperson agreed to reconstitute a Committee under the Chairmanship of DDG (P). The Committee will formulate the proposal by 31.08.2011.

Item No.7

In regard to decentralization of Postal Accounts work, the Staff Side was apprised that no decision has been taken in this regard as yet. However, Separate minutes will be issued in respect of Postal Accounts Wing. As regards PLI/RPLI issues of Circle Office staff, separate minutes will be issued.

Item No.8

Department has already issued guidelines to fill up vacant Gramin Dak Sevaks posts. Suitable instructions have also been issued in the matter of imparting training to newly recruited PA/SAs.

Item No.9

The Chairperson agreed to reconsider the eligibility of officials opting for Postmasters Cadre to appear in IPOs and Group “B” examinations. The eligibility of PO/RMS Accounts officials for opting for Postmaster cadre will also be considered.

Item No.10

The issue will be considered as a part of cadre restructuring as discussed against item No.6

Item No.11

Separate minutes will be issued.

Item No.12

The Staff Side was apprised that in view of the policy of the Government of India on the subject of refusal of grant of MACP benefit in the event of declining promotion, it would not be possible to meet this demand. As regards fixing of norms, the issue will be examined keeping in view the extant rules and duties notified for these staff.

Item No.13

Staff Car Drivers and Artisans belong to a common category and have been allowed the prescribed pay scales applicable to them. The claim of the drivers for pay scale equal to Postal Assistants has not been agreed to by the National Anomaly Committee. The claim of the Charge Hand for pay scale equal to Master Craftsman stands already rejected by Ministry of Finance as the cadre is not in existence.

Item No.14

The divisionalisation of SBCO will be looked into. Regarding ledger agreement before core banking and contributory negligence, instructions have already been issued.

Item No.15

Separate minutes will be issued.

Item No.16

Separate minutes will be issued.

Item No.17

It was agreed to look into the matter.

Item No. 18

The object of the Scheme for Compassionate Appointment is to render immediate assistance to the family of a Government servant, who dies in harness or retires on invalidation on medical grounds leaving his/her family in financial crisis. Such appointments can be provided only to fill upto 5% of vacancies for direct recruitment. Appointment on compassionate grounds is made strictly in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Department of Personnel & Training, which is the nodal Ministry in the matter. The Department of Posts is also following these guidelines while making compassionate appointments. As per the judgement of the Supreme Court of India referred here, 202 respondents, who were wait-listed candidates of Tamil Nadu Circle, were given compassionate appointment only on humanitarian ground. The Apex Court has also clearly held in the case that this judgement should not be treated as precedent for the purpose of any other case or cases. Therefore, this judgement of the Apex Court is not applicable in the other cases.

Item No.19

In this regard, Department, vide letter no. 14013/03/2010-VP dated 22.6.2011, has issued instructions to all the Heads of Circles. (copy enclosed)

Item No.20

The issue is long pending before the Standing Committee of National Council of JCM. The issue which was subjudice before CAT Ernalkulam Bench and High Court of Karnataka, has since been disposed of and will be looked into, in view of it.

  1. Will be discussed.
  2. Will be discussed.
  3. As regards restoration of the date of passing the Accountant examination for according LSG promotion instead of date of entry in PA cadre, it was agreed to look into it.

Item No.21

Not discussed.

Item No.22

Order already issued.

Item No.23

Will be discussed.

Item No.24

The Chairperson agreed to look into the matter and to take some steps for liquidating the arrears.

Item No.25

Suitable instructions will be issued to all concerned.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Clarification on Opening of more than one account in the same scheme in the name of same depositor on a single day

SB Order No: 11/ 2011

No. 116-35/ 2009-SB

Government of India

Ministry of Communications & IT

Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg

New Delhi – 110116.

Dated: 30.06.2011


All Heads of Circles/ Regions

Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi

Subject: Opening of more than one account in the same scheme in the name of same depositor or acceptance of more than one purchase application of the same scheme in the name of same depositor in one Post Office on a single day – a clarification reg: -

Sir/ Madam,

The undersigned is directed to say that this office is receiving representations from agents that some post offices are accepting more than one SB-3/ Purchase application in the same name on the same day but some are refusing to open more than one account in the same scheme in the name of same investor on a given date. To have a uniform approach on the issue, the matter has been considered in this office and it has been decided to issue the following clarification: -

In the same Post Office, on a single day, only one account in the name of same depositor in each scheme or one purchase application in the name of same investor in each scheme can be accepted.

2. This may please be circulated to all Post Offices for information and compliance.

This issues with the approval of DDG(FS).


(Kawal Jit Singh)
Asst Director (SB)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Examination for promotion to the cadre of Inspector Posts for the year 2010 to be held on 6th & 7th August 2011

As per DG, Posts letter No.A-34012/02/2010-DE dated 16-03-2011, the examination for promotion to the cadre of Inspector Posts for the year 2010 will be held from 6th to 7th August 2011. The examination will be held for the vacancies of the year 2010. There are no vacancies in the cadre IP for the year 2010 in Kerala Circle.

The revised Pattern & syllabus for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for the post of Inspector of Posts communicated vide DG, Posts letter No.7-14/2011-SPB-II dated 9th March 2011 has already been circulated vide Circle office letter No. Rectt/48-1/Rlgs dated 16th March 2011.

Eligibility condition:

(a) Not less than five years of regular service in the grade of Postal/Sorting Assistants, Lower Selection Grade officials, Stenographers in:

- Post offices, Railway Mail Services

- Postal/Railway Mail Service, Divisional offices, Circle Office

- Foreign post

- Returned Letter Offices

- Postal Stores Depots

- Savings Bank Control Organization

- Internal Check Organization of the Circle.

(b) (i) Not less than five years regular service in Postal Accounts Office in the grade of:

- Stenographers,
- Junior Accountants:

Provided that they may opt for appearing in the Inspector Posts line in case of selection while appearing in the Inspectors Examination.

(b) (ii) Not less than nine years regular service in the grade of Lower Division Clerks in Postal Accounts Office

Provided that they may opt for appearing in the Inspector Posts line in case of selection while appearing in the Inspectors Examination.

© Postal Assistant and/or Junior Accountant with 5 years regular service is eligible to Departmental Examination of Inspector of Posts.

3. Age limit

The applicant should not be over 40 years of age as on 01-07-2010. Relaxation of Upper age limit is permissible as indicated below:

(i) SC/ST: 5 years i.e. the age should not exceed 45 years as on 1.7.2010

(ii) In respect of officials who are on deputation to APS and officials who have served in APS, the period of service rendered in the APS will be reduced from their age for the purpose of upper age limit.

4. Number of chances:

(i) A candidate is allowed a maximum of four (4) chances to appear in the examination provided that those candidates who secure more than 70 % aggregate marks in the 4th chance may be allowed one more chance as a special case and provided further that a candidate belonging to SC/ST may, subject to his eligibility, be allowed a maximum of six (6) chances to appear in the examination provided further that the said candidate shall, if he is successful in the examination on his 5th or 6th chance be entitled to be appointed only to a post reserved for the SC/ST as the case may be.

(ii) The following concessions are admissible to officials who are serving or have served in the Army Postal Service.

(a) The period of service rendered in the Army Postal Service will be deducted from their age for purposes of the upper age limit.

If they have not already availed themselves of the maximum number of chances before joining the Army Postal Service, they will be allowed to have a maximum of two chances while serving in Army Postal Service, which will not be counted against the maximum number of four chances admissible.

5. Ability to ride a bicycle:

The applicant should be able to ride a bicycle. If the applicant is unable to ride a bicycle at the time of application, he will be given two months time to learn it after he has been selected. If he fails to learn it within two months his name will be removed from the approved list.

6. Submission of application by willing candidates:

(i) Application from willing candidates may please be obtained from 1st July 2011 onwards on plain paper (specimen enclosed) with his service details to decide his eligibility by Divisional office /Regional Office/Circle Office/Controlling units. Receipt of such application form at Circle Office is fixed on 11-07-2011

In respect of applicants working in the Office of the Chief Postmaster General, RLO Trivandrum and Office of the Postmaster General Kochi/Kozhikode the applicants may submit the applications to the Asst.Director (Rectt) , Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Kerala Circle, Trivandrum- 695 033 on or before 11-07-2011

(iii) The applications in respect of willingness of candidates received should be forwarded to this office duly checked, so as to reach this office on or before 11-07-2011. The fact of recommendation/Non recommendation should be mentioned in the application under the signature of the Divisional Superintendent etc. The word Recommended/Not Recommended should be scored out accordingly and in the case of non-recommendations the reason therefore in respect of each of the official should be furnished in the forwarding letter/statement. If no application is received a Nil report may be sent. The last date for receipt of application by Heads/Units shall be 08-07-2011. If no report is received by 11-07-2011 it will be presumed that there are no applications from that unit.

7. The Application Form kits will be issued to the eligible candidates on receipt of willingness from the eligible candidates.

8. Concessions to officials serving in APS.

The concessions regarding absorption as Inspector Posts on certain conditions in respect of candidates serving in the APS who secure minimum qualifying marks will continue as may be decided by the Central Government, from time to time.

9. It is noticed that quite a large number of officials request for withdrawal of candidature under one or other reasons. These are received months after the exam. In future, such applications received will be considered only if they satisfy the conditions in Rule 279 (5) of Postal Manual Volume IV (Pt-1).



Name of the Applicant

(In Block letters)


Date of Birth and Age

(As on 1/7/2010 in Christian Era)


Whether SC/ST. If reply is `Yes` indicate the name of the Caste/Tribe


Educational Qualification


Whether you are Ex-Servicemen?


Have you served in the APS? If so furnish details

From To


Are you now serving in APS?

If reply is yes, date from which serving


Date from which continuously working as PA/SA/LDC/LSG and the name of the office where working at present

Postal Assistant from……….

Sorting Assistant from……….

LDC……….. Office from……… UDC ………. Office from…….. LSG…………Office from………


Date of appointment to a departmental

Post in the P&T Department and the name of the cadre thereof.

Appointed as………………..



Date from which pmt/QP & the name of cadre thereof

Pmt/QP in the……………….

w.e.f ………………..


Have you appeared for the IPO/IRM Examination previously, If so furnish details such as year of Examination and Roll No while in Civil Services & APS Services separately

1.…………..Exam Roll No…………..

2…………….Exam Roll No…………..

3…………….Exam Roll No……………


Do you wish to answer any paper(s)

in Hindi


Can you ride Bicycle?

I…………………………………………………………………..hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.



Signature of candidate

The information furnished against questions 2 to 10 have been verified and found correct/corrected.



Signature of authority maintaining Service Book

The information furnished against question 11 has been checked and found correct. The candidature of the applicant is Recommended/Not Recommended.

(Signature of)

Divisional Supdt/Supdt. PSD/CSD/

Asst.Director CO/RO