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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Imparting training to physically disabled Gr D employees promoted to Postman/ Mail Guard/ PA/ SA after 01.01.2006

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Circle JCA meeting held on 12.06.2011.

The Circle JCA meeting was held on 12.06.2011, at G Auditorium, Ernakulam, after the Joint Circle level convention. The meeting took the following decisions:

(i) To serve copy of strike notice of Central JCA, to all Divisional Heads and the Circle head on 14.06.2011, under the banner of JCA.

(ii) To conduct division wise vehicle propogation campain to propogate the strike demands among the staff as well as the public. The date of campain will be decided by the Divisional JCA.

(iii) To contact MLAs/ MPs/ Polical and trade union leaders to gather their support and to convince them the demands and the present situation.

(iv) To arrange a joint press conference both at the Circle and Divisional level before 05.07.2011.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Circle JCA Convention

The circle JCA convention was held on 12.06.2011 at G Auditorium, Ernakulam. The convention was inagurated by Shri. M Krishnan, SG, NFPE. The meeting was presided over by Shri Johnson D Avokkaran, Circle Convenor, FNPO. Various CHQ/ Circle leaders including Shri C Chandrashekhar (Wrkg President, NFPE), Shri Appanraj (GS, SBCOEA), Shri C Trivikraman Nair (Circle Secretary, NUPE Postmen & Gr D), Shri B S Venu (Finance Secretary, NUGDS), Murugan (AIPEDEU) spoke on the occasion.

The meeting was attended by more than 200 Divisonal Office bearers of FNPO and NFPE unions. The leaders explained about various demands of the JCA and the present situation prevailing in the Department. Shri T N Mohanachandran (D/S NAPE Gr C), delivered the vote of thanks


Circle Coordination Committee meeting held on 12.06.2011.

The Circle Coordination committee meeting of FNPO affiliated unions was held at Shikshak Sadan, Ernakulam, at 3 PM. Circle Secretaries and Circle leaders of all affiliated unions attended the meeting.

The following decisions were taken in the meeting.

(i) To conduct the Central Region study camp during the month of August 2011.

(ii) To convene a joint Circle Working Committee meeting of NUPE Gr C, NUPE Postmen & Gr D and NUGDS in a near future.

(iii) To speed up the process of enrollment of new subscribers to ‘National Post’.

(iv) To actively participate in the programmes conducted by the Circle JCA.