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Friday, May 13, 2011

Congress led UDF comes back to power; A new hope for Kerala

The People of Kerala had chosen the Indian National Congress led UDF to govern the state for the next five years. The victory of UDF is a set back to those who predicted gloomy days and tried to write off pointing some mud slinging efforts at the last minute by LDF government. Highly conscious voters of the state of Kerala rejected their political claims about good governance and anti-corruption stand.

The front secured a comfortable majority of 72 seats in the 140 member Assembly.

In West Bengal ,Mamta Banerjee along with Indian National Congress, has made history by throwing out the Communists, who ruled West Bengal for 34 continuous years. The Banerjee-led alliance had captured over two-thirds majority by winning over 225 seats in the

294 seat assembly. The Left front could manage to win only 63 seats. The CPI(M) suffered humiliation when a number of its bigwigs, including chief minister Buddhaded Bhattachajee, bit the dust.

With defeats in West Bengal and Kerala, the Left will have power only in Tripura.

In Assam, the Congress juggernaut decimated the opposition to smithereens by securing a majority by winning 78 of the 126 assembly seats, with Tarun Gogoi, all set to become the cheif minister for the third conscutive term. The congress won 78 seats, 25 more than it won in the 2006 elections.

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