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Saturday, January 22, 2011

News from CHQ

Revised Recruitment Rules for M T S (Gr D) is expected to be released on Monday.

The revised Recruitment Rules for MTS & Postmen is expected to be released on Monday. Instructions will be issued to all circle heads to fill up all the vacancies of Postmen/Group ‘D’/M.T.S up to 31.12.2010 within a time frame.

Cadre Review

A meeting related to cadre restructuring was held today (22.01.2011) at 11.00 hours. Shri T N Rahate, General Secretary NUPE Postmen & Gr D /M.T.S and Shri. D Kishan Rao, G/S NAPE represented FNPO in the meeting. Details will be published later.

Postmen Committee

The Postmen Committee met on 21.01.2011 at Dak Bhawan under the Chairmanship of DDG (MB). Shri D Thegarajan, Secretary General FNPO and Shri T N Rahate, General secretary NUPE Postmen and Gr D/M.T.S represented FNPO, in the meeting. Issues relating to Data entry work, Fixing minimum and maximum distance to be traversed by Postmen, filling up of all vacant posts of Postmen upto 2010 (inclusive of residual vacancies) were discussed in detail. DDG MB agreed that the Department will examine all the points raised by the Staff side and will come up with a final proposal in the next meeting. Next sitting will be held in March 2011.

Posting of women employees where basic amenities are not available

No. 137-10/2011-SPB.II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi, Dated the 18th Jan, 2011
All Chief Postmasters General
All Postmasters General
All Postal Training Centres
CGM, PLI Directorate, Chanakaya Puri Post Office Complex, New Delhi

Subject: Posting of women employees – Reg.

I am directed to say that during the meeting of the Departmental Council (JCM) held on 27.08.2010 under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts), an item regarding non-posting of women employees where basic amenities are not available was raised by the Staff side. The Staff side has stated that a number of Post Offices/RMS Offices are not having all the basic amenities and women employees are finding it difficult to work in such places. The staff side has, therefore, demanded that women employees should not be posted to such offices before ensuring basic amenities in such places.
2. It was informed to the staff side that Dte has issued instructions vide letter No. 137-12/98-SPB.II, dated 29.04.1998 to all Postal Circles advising them to avoid posting of ladies staff where basic amenities are not available in the office. It was decided in the meeting by the Chairperson that instructions on the subject be reiterated to all Heads of circles for strictly compliance.
3. In the Directorate’s letter No. 137-12/98-SPB.II, dated 29.04.1998, it was inter-alia advised to avoid posting women employees where there are no basic and essential amenities for women, Circles are, therefore, requested to scrupulously follow these instructions before women employees are posted/transferred from one work place to other. It may be ensure that women employee is transferred to an office only after ensuring that basic and essential amenities for women are available there. The Circles are also requested to identify these offices which are lacking basic amenities and take action for providing them immediately.
Yours faithfully,
(Suraj Bhan)
Asstt. Director General (SPN)

Friday, January 21, 2011

First electronic solar rickshaws for postmen in India

AJMER: The district will be the first in the country where the postmen will distribute the postal stuffs through green vehicles which will run by solar energy. The first of its kind centre of electronic solar rickshaw for distributing postal work is started in Ajmer on Monday by the Union Telecom and IT minister of states Sachin Pilot, promising to increase IT services in the remote villages of the country.

Five eco friendly solar auto rickshaws were distributed to the postmen to distribute posts in the different parts of the district. The department will look to the result of speed and costing of this project and then the facility will be spread in other parts of the country.

Pilot also started the first BSNL wireless service mobile call centre of the state in Ajmer today that will resolve problems of 53 lakh BSNL mobile customers of the state. Union state minister and MP of Ajmer, Pilot, reached here today in the morning for a day program and inaugurated the first of it kind call centre here for the consumers of BSNL mobile holders. "The customers had to reach for the call centre situated in Gurgava of Haryana before to get solution of their problems and that took bit more time but now the customers can get the service directly in their state" said Pilot. He added that the youth of rural Ajmer will get the benefit of job through this call centre. The government is deciding to start such call centres in the other parts of the state so that the customers could get better services.

Briefing about the service, COO of Sparsh BPO services Satish Varanasi said that their company will provide services to the BSNL customers and they will train about 250 youths for running the centre and at present they have given employment to 124 people. "The center will provide services to 53 lakh customers in the state to solve their problems" said A K Jain chief general manager of BSNL.

Pilot then went to the General post office of the district and inaugurated the electro solar rickshaw center, from where the letters will be distributed with these new solar energy machines. Pilot also inaugurated the Airo-project in Gangwana, Makhupura, Kadel, Kuchil, Madar, Hatundi, Roopnager and Tilonia through video conferencing.

The state minister stated that with latest technology, the post and telegraph department will provide better services specially in rural parts of the country where people waited long to get the communication from different parts, "in this project `500 post offices are taken in first stage and in Ajmer district only 57 post offices are made high-tech in this project, people from rural regions could get the facilities of life insurance, banking, electronic money orders by this."

The auto solar rickshaws are prepared by the scientists of Indian government with collaboration of IT research department and with Kinetic motors of Pune. "The vehicle will run with battery and will charge with solar energy which is eco-friendly and we have given it a name of green vehicle" said senior scientist H S Mahti who came to Ajmer from New Delhi.

Courtesy: TNN, Jan 17, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Induction training for PA/ SAs

The induction training for PAs (LGOs) will commence from 24.01.2011, at PTC, Mysore.

The first batch of Local Induction training program for the outside PA candidates is expected to start from 07.02.2011 at Trivandrum. The candidates recruited under Direct quota will be deputed for induction training only after completion of verification of their character and antecedents and educational qualification. While doing so, juniors can also be deputed, even if verification process is not completed in respect of their seniors. However, the original seniority in respect of all the recruited candidates will be based on their position in the merit list and not based on the date of appointment. As per the information, the verification process has been completed only in respect of 46 candidates (Manjeri - 20 and Trivandrum South - 26). Circle office is arranging verification of certificates centrally and both the board of secondary education and board of higher secondary education have been approached in the matter.