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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Extension of Risk Allowance till 31.12.2011

No. 21012/ 01/ 2008-Estt. (Allowance)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension

Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi, December 28, 2011


Sub: Extension of Risk Allowance till 31.12.2011.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No. 21012/ 01/ 2008-Estt. (AL) dated 19.07.2011, vide which payment of risk allowance was extended till 31.12.2011. Extension of risk allowance for a further period of six months beyond 31.12.2011 has been considered and it has been decided that Risk Allowance may be continued at the existing rates for a further period of 6 months upto 30.06.2012 or till such time Risk Insurance Scheme is implemented, whichever is earlier.


Zoya C B

Under Secretary to the Govt of India

Hold mass dharna on 10.01.2012 in front of Circle/ Regional/ Divisional Offices

On 27.12.2011, Discussion on 25 point Charter of Demands had been held with the Postal Board -Member (Personnel), Member (Operations), Member (PLI) and Member (Planning). The discussion lasted for eight hours. Even though the staff side has elaborately explained all the demands raised in the Charter, there was no favourable or result-oriented settlement on any of the demands.

Thereafter the Central JCA met and decided to go ahead with the strike decision. It is decided to intensify the campaign. Accordingly the Central JCA calls upon all the Branch/Divisional/Circle Union to organize Mass Dharna in front of all Circle/Regional/Divisional offices on 10.01.2012. It is also decided to organize candle-light protest demonstration/procession/rallies on all important places on 16.01.2012. Further all intensive campaign such as squad work, conventions, general bodies, press conferences etc may be organized at all levels. Make the indefinite strike from 17.01.2012 a historic success.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Non-Investment of NPS Fund

Information given by the Minister of State for Finance, Shri Namo Narain Meena in written reply to an Unstarred Question in Lok Sabha on 17.12.2011.

A total amount of Rs. 971.48 crore, collected towards contribution for Government employees, from 2004 to March 2008, under the New Pension System (NPS), was credited to the Public Account of India.

The institutional architecture for NPS could not be operationalised by the Interim Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). Therefore, the contribution for the Government employees under the NPS could not be invested in the market.

The funds were credited to Public Account and interest @ 8% p.a. was paid on the contribution.
The establishment of institutional architecture by the PFRDA, based on objective and financial criteria, took some time, therefore, the question of conducting an enquiry does not arise.
The interest @ 8% p.a. was paid on the contribution by the Government.

Frequently asked questions on MACP

Point of doubt and Clarification…

1. What is Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS) ?

The MACP Scheme for Central Civilian Government Employees is in supersession of earlier ACP Scheme. Under the MACP Scheme three financial Up-gradations are allowed on completion of 10,20,30 years of regular service, counted from the direct entry grade. The MACPS envisages merely placement in the immediate next higher grade pay as given in Section I, Part-A of the first schedule of the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, in case no promotion has been earned by the employee during this period.

2. From which date the MACPS is effective?

The MACPS is effective w.e.f. 01.09.2008 or on completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of continuous regular service, whichever is later. Financial upgradation will also be admissible whenever a person has spent 10 years continuously in the same grade pay. (Para 9 of OM dated 19/5/2009)

3. Who are entitled for financial under the MACPS?

The MACPS is applicable to all Central Government Civilian Employees.

4. What norms are required to be fulfilled while granting the benefits under MACPS

The financial upgradation would be on non-functional basis subject to fitness in the hierarchy of pay band and grade pay within PB- 1. Thereafter, only the benchmark of ‘Good’ would be applicable till the grade pay of Rs.6600 In PB-3. The benchmark will be ‘Very Good’ for Financial upgradation to the grade pay of Rs.7600 and above. However, where the Financial upgradation under the MACPS also happen to be in the promotional grade and benchmark for promotion is lower than the benchmark for granting the benefits under MACPS as mentioned in para 17 of the Scheme, the benchmark for promotion shall apply to MACP also.
O.M.N0.5034/3/2008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010

5. Whether Pay Band would be changed at the time of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS

(OM.N0.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 09/09/2010 )

6. Whether the promotions in same grade would be counted for the purpose of MACPS?

The financial up-gradation under the MACPS is in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of recommended revised pay bands and grade pay as given in CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. However if the promotional hierarchy as per recruitment rules is such that promotions are earned in the same grade pay, then the same shall be counted for the purpose of MACPS.

7. How will the benefits of ACP be granted if due between 01 .01.2006 and 31.08.2008

The revised pay structure has been changed w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and the benefits of ACPS have been allowed till 31.08.2008. Hence, the benefits of revised pay structure would be allowed for the purpose of ACPS.
(OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt. dated 9.9.2010)

8. Whether adhoc appointment would be counted towards qualifying service for MACPS

No. Only continuous regular service is counted towards qualifying service for the purpose of MACPS. The regular service shall commence from the date of joining of a post in direct entry grade on a regular basis. (Para 9 of the MACPS)

9. Whether State Government service shall be reckoned for the purpose of MACPS

No. Only regular service rendered in the Central Government’s Department/Office is to be counted for the purpose of MACPS, as the Scheme is applicable to the Central Government Civilian Employees only. ( MACPS , Para 10)

10. What are the periods included in the regular service?

All period spent on deputation/foreign service, study leave and all other kind of leave, duly sanctioned by the competent authority shall be included in the regular service. (Para 11. MACPS)

11. How is the MACPS to be extended to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies

Procedure prescribed in OM No.35034/3/2010- Estt(D),Dated 03/08/2010 would be followed by the administrative Ministries/Departments concerned for extension of the MACPS to the employees of Autonomous and Statutory Bodies under their control.

12. Whether the cases of grant of financial upgradation allowed under the ACPS between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, the date of issue of the Scheme are be reviewed?

Yes. Since the benefits of ACPS have been discontinued w.e.f. 01.09.2008, the cases settled between 01.09.2008 and 19.05.2009, in terms of previous ACP Scheme shall be reviewed.

13. Whether the past continuous regular service in another Govt.Deptt. in a post carrying same grade pay prior to regular appointment in a new Deptt. without a break shall be counted towards qualifying regular service for the purpose of MACPS.

Yes. ( Para 9, MACPS)

14. Upto what grade pay the benefits under the / MACPS is allowed?

The benefits of MACPS are being up-to HAG scale of Rs. 67000 – 79000/- (DOPT’s O.M.No.35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 24.12.2010)

15. How the cases of pre-revised pay scales (Rs.5000-8000 & Rs.5500-9000 and Rs.6500-10500 & Rs.7450-11500) merged w.e.f. 01.01.2006 are to be decided under MACPS?

The cases would be regulated in accordance with para 5 of Annexure-I of MACPS. The Ministries/Departments are expected to re-organise cadres and frame common RRs for the post in merged scales.

16. Whether ‘Non-functional Scale’ of Rs.8000-13500 (revised to grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3) would be viewed as one financial upgradation for the purpose of MACPS.

Yes, in terms of para 8.1 of Annexure-I 01 MACPS dated 19.05.2009.

17. Whether time bound promotion’ scheme including ‘in-situ promotion’ scheme can run concurrently with MACPS.

No. ( Para 13 of MACPS)

18. Whether Staff Car Drive Scheme can run concurrently with MACPS

DOPT vide O.M.No.35011/03/2008-Estt.(D),30/07/2010 has extended the benefits of MACPS to Staff Car Drivers as a fall back option

19. Whether the placement of erstwhile Gr. D employees as Staff Car Driver, ordinary grade would count as a promotion?

No. The model RRs for Staff Car Drivers provide deputation/absorption as a method of appointment for erstwhile Gr. D employees . The placement as staff Car Driver is not in the hierarchy hence the same would not be counted as promotion under MACPS. The regular service for the MACPS would be from the date of appointment as Staff Car Driver.

20. Whether designation classification or higher status would change on account of financial upgradation under MACPS

There shall be no change in the designation classification or higher status on grant of financial upgradation under MACPS, as the upgradation under the Scheme is purely personal and merely placement in the nexl higher grade pay. (Para 16 of Annexure-l of MACPS refers)

21. If a financial upgradation under the MACPS is deferred due to the reason of the employees being ‘unfit’ or due to departmental proceedings, etc, whether this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation.

Yes, this would have consequential effect on the subsequent financial upgradation, which would also get deferred to the extent of delay in grant of financial upgradation. ( MACPS, Para 15)

22. Whether the stepping up of pay would be admissible if a junior is getting more pay than the senior on account of grant of financial upgradation under MACPS.

No stepping up of pay in the band or grade pay would be admissible with regard to junior getting more pay than the senior on account of pay fixation under MACPS.
Para 10 of OM dated 19/5/2009

23. Whether the regular service rendered by an employee if declared surplus in his/her organisation and appointed in the same grade pay or lower grade pay shall be counted towards the regular service in a new organization for the purpose of MACPS

Yes. (refer para 23 of Annexure-l of MACPS)

24. In case of transfer including unilateral transfer own request, whether regular service rendered in previous organisation/office shall be counted alongwith the regular service in the new organization for the purpose of MACPS.

Yes. OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt(D) dated 01/11/2010

25. If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the employees before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation under the MACPS, whether financial upgradation shall be allowed to such a Government servant.

If a regular promotion has been offered but was refused by the Government employee before becoming entitled to a financial upgradation, no financial upgradation shall be allowed and as such an employee has not been stagnated due to lack of opportunities. If, however, financial upgradation has been allowed due to stagnation and the employees subsequently refuse the promotion, it shall not be a ground to withdraw the financial upgradation. He shall, however, not be eligible to be considered for further financial upgradation till he agrees to be considered for promotion again and the next financial upgradation shall also be deferred to the extent of period of debarment due to the refusal.( Para 25 of MACPS)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Strike notice served

The Central JCA has served the strike notice on 15.12.2011, to the Secretary (Posts), on the upcoming indefinite strike from 17.01.2012.

Mass demonstrations and dharnas were conducted by all Divisional/ Branch committees in front of Divisional Offices on 15.12.2011.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

State Women’s conference

As notified, the state level women’s conference will be held at K V Narayanan Nagar (Jawahar Balabhavan Auditorium), Trissur on 18.12.2011. The registration of the members will start at 8:30 AM. There will be no registration fee. The inaugural function will be held at 9:30. Shri C N Balakrishnan, Minister for Cooperation, Govt of Kerala, will inaugurate the conference.

Various dignitaries including Shri P C Chacko MP (Chairma, JPC), Adv. V Balaram, President DCC, Shri I P Paul, Mayor, Shri. Terambil Ramakrishnan MLA, Shri M P Vincent MLA, Shri P A Madhavan MLA will be attending the function.

In the afternoon session, a seminar on the topic “Problems of women at work place” will be conducted.

The reception committee is striving hard to make the conference a great success. The nearby divisions are requested to ensure maximum participation of delegates.

News in brief

Indefinite strike from 17.01.2012.

The Circle Coordination committee of FNPO unions had met at Trissur on 09.12.2011, for discussing the matters related with upcoming indefinite strike from 17.01.2012. The meeting has unanimously decided to go on with the indefinite strike under the banner of JCA.

Divisional secretaries are requested to constitute JCA committees in their respective divisions and go on with the strike preparations under the banner of JCA.

All divisional/ branch committees should conduct mass demonstration/ dharna in front of Divisional Offices on 15.12.2011.

Calender 2012.

The calendar for the year 2012 is ready to be supplied, and the same will be supplied during the women’s conference at Trissur on 18.12.2011. The rate per copy is Rs. 11/-. Divisional/ Branch secretaries are requested to come ready at the conference for collecting the calendar. Additional requirements, if any, should be intimated to the Circle union immediately

Monday, December 12, 2011

No proposal to amend the Indian Post Office Act 1898

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Shri Sachin Pilot today informed the Rajya Sabha that Government is not proposing to amend the Indian Post Office Act 1898. It is proposed to replace the existing Act and a Draft Post Office Bill is under consideration of the Government.

Replying to a written question the minister said the highlights of changes proposed to be brought through the new legislation are as follows:

1. Opening of market by reducing the exclusive privilege of Central Government:

Gradual opening of the market by phase wise removal of the monopoly proposed. Exclusive privilege reduced upto 150 gm. in case of letters and upto 50 gm. in case of express mail. Couriers can carry letters even within 150 gm and 50 gm (the reserve area) subject to them charging twice the postal rates for letters and twice the rates for express service.

2. Sunset clause:

A 15 years SUNSET clause for complete removal of exclusive privilege in express service and Parliamentary Review of exclusive privilege in case of letters is proposed.

3. Universal Service Obligation of the Central Government:

As proposed, USO is defined as the obligation of the Central Government to provide, through the Department of Posts, basic postal services at reasonable access, affordable price and with specified service parameters throughout the country. Commitment to provide postal service, delivery and access to post office 6 days of the week except holidays.

4. Definitions:

Definitions of certain ‘terms’ are proposed keeping in view the definition adopted by different countries, as also the requirement of customers i.e.
(a)“Postal services” means services provided by the Central Government or on its behalf and includes services related to
(i) handling of addressed letters,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) handling of these articles as registered or insured mail,
(v) express services for these articles,
(vi) handling of unaddressed articles,
(vii) Value Payable Post,
(viii) money remittance
(ix) Post Office Counter Services
(x) services on behalf of any Ministry or Department of the Central or State Governments, or services on behalf any other organization
(xi) other services not specified elsewhere;

b) “courier services” means services related to the handling of articles of mail i.e. collection, sorting, dispactch, conveyance and delivery including

(i) handling of addressed letters subject to provisions in Section 4,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) express services for these articles subject to provision in Section 4
(v) handling of unaddressed articles,

(c) “express services” means postal / courier services related to handling of articles of mail and expedited delivery within a clearly specified and declared time limit with confirmation of receipt and with or without end-to-end integration to ensure track and trace and a record of delivery;

(d) “Registered Courier” means any person registered as such under Section --- and includes his employee or agent or assignee;

(e) “Licensee” means a Registered Courier who has been given licence under Section --;

5. Registration and Licensing:

The Central Government may grant registration to any person undertaking the provision of any courier service in India, who shall be called a Registered Courier. T he Central Government may also grant license to any Registered Courier, who shall be called a licensee, for providing certain specific services. There is no registration fee or licences fee. Licensing conditions involve adherence to quality, guarantee relief to customers in case of any deficiency in service and commitment to ensure confidentiality and security of letter. All operators will require registration for providing any type of courier service in India. But license will be required only for reserve area, USO and letter mail.

6. Registering Authority:

It is propose that Central Government shall appoint Registering Authority, in such manner and to perform such functions, as may be prescribed.

7. Appellate Authority:

An Appellate Authority is proposed for redressal of grievances of any person aggrieved by an order of Registration Authority.

8. Setting up Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOE) and International mail Processing Centers (IMPC) abroad:

Central Govt. may establish ETOEs/IMPCs in other countries for providing international Mail Services including express and parcel services subject to arrangements with such Postal Administrations regarding terms and conditions.

Indefinite strike from 17.01.2012; Strike notice and Charter of demands

Postal Joint Council Of Action





JCA/2011 Dated – 15th December 2011


The Director General

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan,

New Delhi – 110001



In accordance with the provisions of Sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, we hereby notify that all the Postal/RMS/MMS/Administrative & Postal Accounts Employees and the Gramin Dak Sewaks will go on indefinite strike from 17.01.2012. The demands for acceptance of which the employees embark upon this indefinite strike are detailed in the Charter of Demands enclosed.

Secretary General Secretary General



All General Secretaries of NFPE and FNPO


General Secretary General Secretary



1. (a) Drop the Mail Network Optimisation Project (MNOP) and reject the Mckinsey Consultancy's disastrous recommendations. Inspite of the opposition and disagreement expressed by the staff side in the MNOP Committee, the Department is going ahead with the implementation of L1, L2 (hub system for first class mails). Further the request for additional intra-circle speed post hubs proposed by the staff side is not yet fully implemented. Change of administrative jurisdiction of speed post hubs from Postal side to RMS side is also not considered favourably.

(b) Stop closure/merger of Post offices including Branch Post offices. Even though it was assured by the Secretary (Posts) in the minutes of the discussion held on 01.07.2011, that there will be no closure/merger of Post offices, except simultaneous relocation, instructions in this regard are yet to be communicated to the Circle/Regional heads. Even now some Regional heads are closing Post offices indiscriminately.

(c) Drop the proposed move to introduce delivery hubs for delivery of articles by withdrawing delivery from all town sub post offices in the urban areas. Orders for rotation of the Sorting Postmen work among Beat Postman may be withdrawn.

(d) Review CRC, EPP and logistics norms.

2. Grant status as Central Government Civil Servants to Gramin Dak Sevaks employees for all purposes including service matters, pay scale, increment, allowances, pension, promotion, leave, bonus, trade unions rights and other terminal benefits. Scrap the new Recruitment rules for appointment of postmen by 25% outside recruitment which curtails the promotional avenues of GDS and restore the previous Recruitment rules. Enhance the bonus ceiling of GDS to 3500/- at par with regular employees. Withdraw the tightened norms for cash handling, stamp sale, and other norms for assessing the workload of BPMs, stop reduction of TRCA in case of reduction in workload. Modify the orders restricting compassionate appointment of GDS. Scrap the newly notified "GDS Conduct & Engagement Rules" and restore the previous "GDS Conduct and Employment Rules". Fill up all GDS Mailmen Posts in RMS. Providing norms for NREGS and till that time the higher rate of incentive may be paid. Inspite of assurances to reconsider the orders, no favourable orders have been issued so far.

3. Revise the wages of casual labourers including part-time and contingent employees w.e.f. 1.1.2006 as per Supreme Court orders based on the minimum pay implemented as per Sixth CPC recommendations. Stop outsourcing the work of casual labourers and contingent employees. Grant temporary Status to all full time casual labourers. Convert part-time into full-time by combination of duties. Absorb all part-time casual and contingent employees creating GDS posts. Inspite of favourable assurances during discussion no orders have been issued so far.

4. Immediate revision of OTA rates and stop recovery of OTA paid to officials who are engaged compulsorily on OTA overlooking the pay-ceiling.

5. Implement the assurances made on 12.07.2010 strike settlement and also in the JCM Departmental Council Meeting held on 23.08.2010. Ensure prompt holding of Departmental Council Meetings. Inspite of assurance that next JCM meeting will be held within one month, no meeting has been notified so far.

6. Immediate finalization of Cadre Restructuring proposals including Postal Accounts as assured by the Secretary Department of Posts and its implementation. Inspite of the assurance that the proposals will be finalized within one month, the process is still in the initial stage.

7. Stop decentralization of Postal Accounts, PLI and RPLI and ensure status-quo. Save DPLI office, Kolkata and ensure job security to the staff of DPLI. Certain items of work relating to PLI has been decentralized unilaterally.

8. Expedite the process of filling of all vacant posts in all wings including GDS. Create additional new post wherever workload is heavy. 2/3 posts for the period up to 2008 kept in skeleton may be redeployed to offices where additional post is justified.

9. Ensure 100% filling up of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I promotional posts before implementation of Postmasters Cadre, remove the retrograde eligibility conditions for appearing the examination of Grade I and PSS Group B and allow Account line officials also.

10. Create the System Administrators posts as assured with specified norms and other works and make it a separate cadre as a promotional cadre to PA/SA.

11. Stop combination of beats /double duty, stop harassment of staff insisting 100% impracticable condition for delivery under Project Arrow. Settle the demands raised in the Postmen Committee such as distance factor, number of articles, Grant of Cycle allowance without distance condition, cash payment for uniform and kit items, Supply of good quality uniforms, Revision of norms. Stop imposing unmanageable workload on staff in the name of verification of applications and delivery of Adhar cards to public. Settle the items already submitted by Postmen Unions.

12. Fixing norms for newly assigned works of Multi Tasking Staff. Allow to decline postman promotion for MTS under seniority quota without loosing MACP promotions and review the recruitment rules of MTS to Postmen / Mail Guards.

13. Grant promotions to Drivers / Artisans at par with other C.G. organizations like Railways/Defence. Higher Pay Scales to charge hand & Drivers.

14. Declare SBCO Staff as Divisional cadre, Stop harassment of SBCO officials under contributory factors. Complete the Ledger Agreement Work and update the SBCO before launching Core Banking.

15. Fill up all Postal Civil Wing and Electrical Wing posts as per CPWD norms. Creation of one Civil Circle and Electrical and Architectural Division in every Circle. Expedite the Restructuring of Civil Wing Cadres. Restrict the transfer of non-gazetted staff within the concerned Postal Circle only. Retain Head clerk designation instead of Assistant and declare Head clerk as supervisory posts.

16. Ensure full fledge functioning of newly formed Postal Accounts Offices by providing adequate staff strength and accommodation. Rectify the anomaly caused due to promotion of Group 'D' official to the cadre of LDC after 2006. Restore the residency period of three years in respect of JA to SA promotion retrospectively w.e.f. 13.12.2006. Grant MACP to those joined in Sorter cadre treating LDC as entry grade as the Sorter grade has been defunct since 2000. Expedite the process of filling up of vacant posts in the Postal Accounts Wing.

17. Counting of past services rendered by erstwhile RTPs for promotions and MACP.

18. Implement Apex Court Judgment in case of RRR Candidates in true sprit and extend to all approved RRR Candidates awaiting for absorption.

19. Stop Harassing and victimization of innocent officials under contributory negligence factors. Implement the true spirit of Govt. orders and Volumes and no recovery should be made if the concerned is not directly responsible for the loss sustained to the department.

20. Stop discrimination towards PO & RMS Accounts Cadre, Create separate cadre and earmark percentage of posts for norm based promotions in the same cadre, Count Special Allowance for fixation on promotion, Withdraw the recovery imposed on Postman Pay fixation and drawal of bonus to GDS. Restore the date of passing the Accountant examination for according LSG promotions instead date of entry in PA cadre.

21. Enhance the LR strength on all cadres to the extent of 20% and fill up all vacant LR posts.

22. Ensure prompt grant of Child Care Leave as per the liberalized orders, unnecessary hurdles put forth should be dropped.

23. Review the MACP clarificatory orders and rectify the issues like, non drawal of special allowance on acquiring MACP, wrong interpretation of IIIrd MACP to departmental promotes only after 30 years, Counting as double promotions as Group D & Postmen even in the case of promotion to Postman on GDS quota, non counting of training period for MACP, ignore promotions acquired on deptl. exam for MACP, ignore all uncommunicated average bench marks for MACP as per Judicial verdict. Ensure prompt holding of DPCs at Circle and Divisional level as per DOP&T latest instructions. Grant of Grad pay 1900, 2000 with effect from 01.01.2006 to those Group D (MTS) who were given TBOP/BCR before 1.01.2006.

24. Stop attack on Union office bearers by misusing Rule 37 transfers and Rule 9 of CCS (CCA) Rules. Dispose all Rule 9 (Pension rules) disciplinary cases and review petition cases pending at Directorate years together.

25. Denying the legitimate right of employees to avail holidays & Sundays by compelling them to attend frequent meetings/Melas arranged by the department. Inspite of the instructions issued by Directorate, some of the lower authorities are still compelling the staff to attend melas and meetings on Sundays and holidays.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indefinite Strike date changed

Taking into consideration the difficulties expressed by some of the Circle Secretaries and General Secretaries, for organizing the strike in an effective manner within a short period of time, the central JCA has decided to postpone the date of indefinite strike from 3rd January to 17th January, 2012.

However , there is no change in the strike notice serving date and the date of hunger fast by the General Secretaries.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No proposal to merger of dearness allowance with Basic Pay





Will the Minister of FINANCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether Government has plans to increase dearness allowance effective from January,2011 for Central Government employees with a rate that commensurates with the inflationary trends and plights of working class in the past few months;

(b) if so, the details thereof and if not, the reasons therefore;

(c) whether Government has any proposals to declare DA as Dearness Pay when it will cross 50 per cent, as it was done during the 5th Pay Commission;

(d) if so, the details thereof; and

(e) if not the reasons therefore?



(a)&fb): Increase in Dearness Allowance payable to Central Government employees with effect from January, 2011 will be worked out on basis of accepted formula which is based on the recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission.

(ch(d) &(e): No proposal to declare DA as dearness pay, after DA crosses 50% is under consideration of the Government. The Sixth Pay Commission did not recommend merger of dearness allowance with Basic Pay at any stage. Government accepted this recommendation vide Government of India Resolution dated 29.8.2008.

FNPO Circle Coordination committee to meet on 09.12.2011

The FNPO Circle Coordination committee will meet on 09.12.2011, at Trissur, to discuss about the upcoming indefinite strike from 03.01.2012. Details of the meeting will be hosted in the website later.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Postal JCA decides to start indefinite strike from 03.01.2012.

* The central JCA has decided to go on with an indefinite strike from 03.01.2011, against the unilateral move of the Department to implement Mail Network Optimization Project (MNOP) in RMS, against the violation of assurances and Non implementation of agreed demands of the deferred strike from 5th July, 2011.

* Strike notice will be served on 15.12.2011.

* All India JCA leaders will sit on hunger fast on 26.12.2011, in front of Dak Bhavan.

* Organize mass dharna in front of Divisional/ Regional/ Circle Offices on 15.12.2011.







No: JCA/AGTN/2011 Dated 05.12.2011

Dear Friends,

The meeting of the Central JCA held on 03.12.2011 at New Delhi, have reviewed the post-5th July deferred strike settlement situation and have to come unanimous conclusion that Postal Board has failed to implement the assurances given by the Secretary [Posts] on agreed demands, even after a lapse of four months. Further it is going ahead with the unilateral implementation of the Mail Network Optimization Project [MNOP] in spite of vehement opposition of the Staff Side.

During the discussion with the Secretary [Posts] on 5th July deferred strike demands, it was assured that there will be no closure/merger of Post Offices, other than simultaneous relocation. But orders in this regard are yet to be communicated to the Heads of the Circle. Orders on Sorting Postman need further modification. On GDS issues no favourable orders are issued on any of the items till this date. Payment of Pro-rata wages and absorption of Casual labourers and Part Time contingent employees still remains unsettled, even though it was assured that orders on payment of pro-rata wages to pre-1993 appointees will be issued within a month.

JCM Departmental Council meeting is indefinitely delayed. Cadre-restructuring Committee has not yet finalized its final proposals. Issues relating to Postmen, Mail guard and MTs are still in the negotiating stage and no settlement in sight. Demands of the Circle / Regional Offices administrative staff, Postal Accounts, SBCO and Civil Wing employees are not given serious consideration. In short, abnormal delay is taking place in settlement of the genuine demands raised in the Charter of Demands.

On contrary, even when most of the burning issues of the employees are totally neglected or remains unsettled, the Postal Board is going ahead with implementation of the retrograde recommendations of the McKinsey on Mail Network Optimization Project [MNOP]. In the Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Member [Operations] for reviewing the issues arising out of the implementation of speed post Hubs and proposed L1, L2 in first class mails, the Staff Side representatives have vehemently opposed the implementation of L1, L2 in first class mails as it will adversely the efficiency of the services resulting in abnormal delay thereby leading to erosion of public faith on the postal services. Further it will also result in large-scale dislocation / transfer of employees and will adversely affect their promotional prospects. In spite of our objection and disagreement, the Postal Board has made it clear that they are going ahead with the implementation of the MNOP Project.

In the above circumstances, the Staff Side is left with no alternative,, but to revive the postponed strike decision and resort to the agitational path once again. The Central JCA after in depth analysis of the entire situation, have decided to go on indefinite strike from 3rd January, 2012. It was also decided to serve the strike notice on 15.12.2011 and to conduct mass demonstrations / dharnas in front of all Chief PMG / PMG Offices and Divisional Offices on that day. As a second phase of the agitation, the Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO and the General Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers of Federations /All India Unions / Associations of the JCA shall sit on hunger fast in front of Dak Bhawan on 26.12.2011.

The Central JCA calls upon the entirety of the Postal and RMS employees to make all the above agitational programmes in the true spirit and make the indefinite strike from 3rd January, 2012 a grand success.

If the Postal Board is not ready to come for a result-oriented and time-bound negotiated settlement, the entire Postal and RMS Service should be paralyzed from 03.01.2012.

It is again a struggle for our survival.

It is a struggle of life and death to lakhs of Postal Workers.

Let the Postal,, RMS, Administrative, Postal Accounts, GDS, SBCO and Civil Wing employees come together to stage another glorious indefinite strike.

Fraternally Yours,

Secretary General Secretary General



All General Secretaries of NFPE and FNPO


General Secretary General Secretary


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introduction of 10 years National Savings Certificates (IX Issue) wef 01.12.2011.

SB Order No: 30/ 2011
F. No. 113-01/ 2011-SB
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi - 110001, Dated: 30.11.2011.

All Heads of Circles/ regions

Subject: Introduction of new scheme called "10 years National Savings Certificates (IX Issue)" wef 01.12.2011.

Sir/ Madam,
The undersigned is directed to enclose a copy of Min. of Finance (DEA) Notification issue vide File No. 1-13/ 2011 - NS-II dated 29.11.2011 on the subject.

2. While accepting investment under this scheme, Form-1 already in use for NSC (VIII-Issue) may be used by suitable modification in manuscript as per format given in the rules till new forms are printed. All required KYC norms should be followed as prescribed from time to time for other schemes. All records of this scheme shall be kept in manual mode till the software is amended.

3. It is requested to circulate these instructions to all post offices for information and necessary guidance. Till new certificates are printed and supplied, all Departmental Post Offices shall issue a Preliminary Receipt in the prescribed Form NC4(a) and follow the procedure laid down in Rule 13 of POSB Manual Vol-II.

4. This issues with the approval of Member (Operations)/ (Technology)

Yours faithfully,

Kawal Jit Sigh
Assistant Director (SB)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Outsourcing collection of Speed Post and Other Premium Service - Clarification regarding.

No. 02-17/ 96-BD & MD
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Business Devolepment & Marketing Directorate
5th Floor, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi - 110001

17th November, 2011


Subject: Outsourcing collection of Speed Post and Other Premium Service - Clarification regarding.

1. A reference has been received in Business Devolepment & Marketing Directorate from PMG, Gorakhpur Region, Gorakhpur, related tp the practice of claiming commission on Speed Post articles collected from authorised license holders of franking machines by the Speed Post Outsourcing Agents under "Outsourcing Collection of Speed Post and Other Premium Services Scheme". A clarification is sought for whether such commission is admissible or not.

2. The issue has been examined in consultation with PO Division of the Directorate. The instructions on the subject applicable in this regard are as under: -

(a) The "Outsourcing Collection of Speed Post and Other Premium Services Scheme" was notified vide BD Directorate communication No. 2/ 17/ 96/ BD dated November 23, 1998. Para 7 b of this communcation provides: -

"In respect of all the collections from the retail customers in cash/stamps/ franks, the collection agent will be paid agency commission of 2%(as given in para 5.3), on daily basis".

(b) The instruction for licensing and use of Franking Machines as ameneded along with summary of changes made was notified vide PO Division communication No. 41-13/ 95- PO dated 08.04.1996.

(i) Para 5 under "Instructions for use of Franking Machine of this communication provides: -

"the franked articles shall normally be accepted in one post office of the status of LSG or above as specified by the licensee which will be the designated office. However, in the case of genuine difficulty to the individual licensee, he may be allowed to post his mails in a second office, which should be a sorting office or mail office. Commercial licensees will be allowed to post their articles in on Post Office, Mail Office or Bulk Mail Centre only".

(ii) Para 6(b) of this communication provides: -

"A commercial licensee can frank the mails of his client(s). In such a case, the licensee should send such franked articles to the Post Office/ RMS office with a certificate with each consignment mentioning the name of the client, number of articles, value franked and total value and certifying that they are bonafide transactions carried on by the licensee on the behalf of the client(s).

3. In view of above, the issue raised in Para 1 above is clarified as under: -

(a) Licensee of franking machine, either individual or commercial (as defined in PO Division communication referred to in para 2) is not allowed to route their franked articles through Speed Post Outsourcing Agents to their designated office of posting.

(b) Speed Post Outsourcing Agent is not allowed to bring frank mail generated by Franking Machine of an individual or commercial licensee to Post office and claim commission under Speed Post Outsourcing Agent Scheme.

(c) In an individual or commercial Franking Machine License holder is also a Speed Post Outsourcing Agent, he/ she cannot act as a Speed Post Outsourcing Agent in respect of mail generated from his/ her franking machine.

(d) The word 'frank' mentioned in BD Directorate letter No. 2/ 17/ 96/ BD dated November 23, 1998 refers to a manner of prepayment of postage. 'Frank' in this context implies those frank impressions that are obtained from a Post office as proof of prepayment of postage due in lieu of postage stamps.

4. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

(C Karuppasamy)
Asstt. Director (BD & MD)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revision of Interest rates in Post Office Savings Schemes ...Orders issued

SB Order No: 22/ 2011.

Sub: Discontinuation of Kisan Vikas Patras with effect from 01.12.2011.


(i) The sale of Kisan Vikas Patras (KVP) will be discontinued in Post Offices, from the close of business on Wednesday, the 30th November, 2011.

(ii) All EDBOs authorised to issue KVPs shall return the unsold KVPs to their account office and Sub Post Offices to their HPOs after tallying their stock registers duly entered in Invoice NC-13 in triplicate.

(iii) Investments in KVPs through cheques should not be accepted wef 28.11.2011, and if any cheque presented before 28.11.2011 is cleared after 30.11.2011, the amount should be refunded to the investor

SB Order No: 23/ 2011.

Sub: Revision of maturity period and maturity value of 6 years National Savings Certificates (NSC) VIII issue wef 01.12.2011.


(i) Maturity period revised to 5 years for NSCs issued on or after 01.12.2011.

(ii) Maturity value of the 5 year NSC will be Rs. 150.90/- for denomination of Rs. 100 and proportionate rate for any other denomination.

(iii) The existing stock of 6 years NSC (VIII) Issue shall be used to issue new certificates from 01.12.2011onwards by placing rubber stamp showing "Maturity period revised to 5 years; Maturity value revised to Rs. 150.90/-, for denomination of Rs. 100/- from 01.12.2011; Maturity value of this certificate shall be Rs.­­­­_______ after 5 years".

SB Order No: 24/ 2011.

Sub: Revision of maximum limit of subscription in a financial year, rate of interest on balance in the PPF Accounts and rate of interest charged on loan taken from PPF Accounts wef 01.12.2011.


(i) Existing maximum limit of subscription in a financial year of Rs. 70,000/- shall be of Rs. 1,00,000/- in existing PPF Accounts as well as new PPF Accounts to be opened on or after 01.12.2011.

(ii) The rate of interest on the subscriptions made to the fund on or after 01.12.2011 and balances at credit of the subscriber in the existing PPF account shall bear interest at the rate of 8.6% per annum.

(iii) The rate of interest charged on the loan taken by the subscriber of a PPF account on or after 01.12.2011 shall be 2% per annum.

(iv) The rate of interest of 1% per annum shall continue to be charged on the loans already taken or taken upto 30.11.2011.

SB Order No: 25/ 2011

Sub: Revision of maturity period, rate of interest and discontinuation of 5% bonus on maturity of Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) wef 01.12.2011.


(i) The maturity period of Monthly Income Accounts to be opened on or after 01.12.2011 shall be 5 years.

(ii) The rate of interest of the new MIS accounts opened on or after 01.12.2011 shall be 8.2 % pa and the interest so calculated on annual basis shall be rounded off to the nearest multiple of rupee one and for this purpose, any amount of 50 paise or more shall be treated as rupee one and any amount less than 50 paise shall be ignored.

(iii)Interest shall be paid monthly on completion of a month from the date of deposit.
There shall be no bonus admissible on maturity of the accounts opened on or after 01.12.2011.

SB Order No: 26/ 2011

Sub: Revision of interest rate on balance at credit in Post Office Savings Account wef 01.12.2011.


(i) The interest rate of Post Office Savings Accounts shall be 4% pa wef 01.12.2011, instead of 3.5% pa

SB Order No: 27/ 2011

Sub: Revision of rate of interest of Time Deposit Accounts wef 01.12.2011.


(i) The rate of interest in Time Deposit (TD) Accounts on or after 01.12.2011 will be 7.7 % for 1 year TD, 7.8 % for 2 year TD, 8.0% for 3 year TD and 8.3% for 5 year TD accounts, where the rate of interest will be compounded quarterly.

(ii) In case of premature closure of TD accounts after 01.12.2011, if the deposit is withdrawn after 6 months, but before expiry of 1 year from the date of deposit, simple interest at the rate of 4% shall be payable.

(iii) In the case of premature closure of 2 year, 3 year or 5 year TD account on or after 01.12.2011, if the deposit is withdrawn after the expiry of 1 year from the date of deposit, interest on such deposits shall be calculated at the rate, which shall be 1% lass than the rate specified for a period of a deposit of 1 year, 2 year or 3 years as mentioned in the concerned table given under Rule 7 of POTD Rules.

SB Order No: 28/ 2011

Sub: Revision of rate of interest of Reccuring Deposit (RD) Accounts wef 01.12.2011.


(i) The amount repayable on a RD account of Rs. 10/- denomination opened on or after 01.12.2011 shall be Rs. 738.62/-. The amount repayable on any account of any other denomination shall be proportionate to Rs. 738.62/-.

SB Order No: 29/ 2011

Sub: Revision of rate of commission payable to SAS and MPKBY agents and discontinuance of commission to PPF Agents wef 01.12.2011.


(i) There shall be no commission payable on PPF deposits made on or after 01.12.2011.

(ii) The revised rate of commission payable to MPKBY agents in RD deposits made on or after 01.12.2011 shall be 4%.

(iii) The revised rate of commission payable to SAS agents for deposist made in 1year TD, 2 year TD, 3year TD, 5 year TD, MIS, 5 year NSC (VIII issue) and 10 year NSC (IX issue) made on or after 01.12.2011 shall be 0.5%.

(iv)There will be no commission to SAS agents in respect of deposits made in Sr Citizens Savings Schemes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hunger strike held in front of PMG Office, Kochi

The JCA Circle coordination committee has conducted a one day hunger strike in front of the PMG Office, Kochi, on 18.11.2011, as third stage of protest against the anti-labour and anti-trade union attitude of the PMG, Central Region.

The hunger strike commenced at 10 AM, which was inagurated by Shri. Johnson D Avokkaran, Circle Secretary NUPE Group C (Chairman, Circle JCA). Shri T N Mohanachandran, Divisional Secretary NUPE Gr C, Ernakulam division (Chairman, Divisional JCA) presided over the function. Shri Ravikuttan, Circle President, AIPEU Gr C, Shri. Ajith Kurian, Circle Secretary, IP-ASP Association, Shri. Mustafa (Postal Officers Association), Shri. M S Sabu, Circle President, AIPEDEU, Shri K V Narayanan, Circle Treasurer, NUGDS and various Circle/ Divisional leaders spoke on the occasion.

Almost all Circle/ Divisional leaders attended the function.